Thursday, April 15, 2010

Frightening stats!

I was at the PT Foundation yesterday because I'm gathering research for a story I'm working on at the moment.

I will definitely share the full version of this story with you once I've completed it but I wanted to at least mention this.

Yesterday, I interviewed someone who was living with HIV. He looked perfectly normal by the way, which goes to show you can't assume you're alright just because you look it.

It was an eye opener how he valued life so much more now than before he found out he was HIV positive. He didn't take life for granted. Every day was precious because it meant he was alive. It reminded me of the saying "live every day like it's your last" but how many of us are doing it?

We get so caught up with minor matters when in the big picture, we ought to be grateful we're alive and well!
Jojo Struys
Live The Moment


Rodz Nocturne said...

For real???!!! That's frightening...

KY said...

this is indeed a crazy stat!

Anonymous said...

Well that life! Changes in behaviour is required but then as you said, "how many of us are doing it?" Alas, majority of people will only change their way of living upon facing a major threat to their existance. At least for these persons there is realisation but for others it is the end of the road. Yet despite the alarming satistic, the numbers do not impressed on the general public. We probably know someone who engages in 'high risk' activities but they still continue to do so without worry. "It would not happened to me!" This probably sums up how they look at their actions.

Man CIOCC said...

Hi there,
That’s kinda sad. U know lah...too BUSY to bother. Gettin x'cited with all the purring & quivering into spasm - they forgot that The Grimm reaper awaits.
Realizing too late is either ignorant or just plain stu***. Better safe than sorry.

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