Thursday, April 30, 2009

Penang Weekend

We were all doing a charity fashion show called"Vogue for Virtue" at Queensbay Mall over the weekend. Roshan and Serena C were the mc's.

Roshan was the first to arrive at the airport, "uhm, why wasn't I surprised?" (we used to call him teacher's pet at MIX fm hehe and he probably still is, sorry Roshan but ya know it's true! :) I checked in and joined him for breakfast.

We were all flying by firefly. Hey, I noticed the airport at Subang is now much nicer than it used to be though they're still not completely done yet. I love the idea of getting away, even though I wasn't going very far.

The act of getting on an airplane made me feel like I was disconnecting from KL. A refreshing change of scenery...

I didn't mean to cut Henry's forehead off but the security guard was saying "no photos" so I couldn't take another one. This will have to do ;)

Roshan and Henry about to board...

We headed straight to Queensbay mall for a briefing. We were on such a tight schedule so there was no time to check in at the hotel first.

Serena and Roshan going over their scripts. I was happy I wasn't mc ing this event for a change hehe. I spent my time chatting to the girls backstage and sorting out my wardrobe for the show.

Henry Golding getting his hair done. We found out something quite surprising about Henry. Apparently, he's had work experience back home at a hair salon in England..." mean you could do my hair?"

Wow. Really didn't expect that but a hair salon ended up being able to sort us all out so we didn't have to trouble Henry to style our hair haha

We were all rushing like mad to get ready but here we are, finally. Hair and make up done, dressed and ready for the show.

From left, that's Elaine Daly, Debra Henry, my short self (but honestly anyone would be next to Debra haha ;) and Henry Golding. It was like being in school again coz we felt like we were in uniform but the shirts were pretty cool so we didn't mind walking round in them.

This was Henry and me on the last round for Braun Buffel. It was funny during the rehearsal. I physically bumped into Elaine so we developed a system to always cross 'past the right shoulder' to avoid hitting into each other. Henry and me were drawing flower patterns in the air with our fingers just before going on just to make sure we had the sequence right :)

It just so happens that the Hennesy Artistry party was happening the same night we were in Penang so after the fashion show, we all headed out to PARTY and we ran into Vanessa (on right) who was kinda shocked to see the whole KL gang at the event. She was hosting it which is why she was there. The music I tell you was awesome!! I took my high heels off coz I felt so incorrectly dressed for it.

The dj's were flown in from France. I think they were called Starz Angels and there was also a really funky guy called Jmi Sissoko (on right). I absolutely LOVED the music, the ambience, the dj's. What a rocking night! We were at Qe2 by the water till the wee hours hehe

The next day, it was a bit of a struggle to get up but I couldn't afford to miss my flight...

Vanessa, Serena C and Debra about to board. We all had SO much fun in Penang! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fair is beautiful?

Asia has quite a fixation on fair skin. This was taken when I was modelling in Taiwan. My agency at the time told me to "stay as fair as possible" like my modelling girlfriend next to me who worked really well in Asia in general. Everyone was asked to stay as fair as possible but people who are this fair don't really tan even when they try. They just go red and then back to "fairness"

Moment I had arrived in Taiwan, I ended up doing a fashion shoot in the blistering sun (really didn't help) and I DO tan. I go brown. Those who like tans feel it makes me look more alive. I didn't make the rules in Taiwan though so I was plastered with white foundation from that point to be more acceptable for ads (rolling my eyes but what to do?)

Black, yellow, brown or white is all beautiful because it's how we come. Its what makes the world diverse. Beautiful is beautiful when you look radiant and feel attractive inside and out. Your skin colour has nothing to do with it ;

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who's who?

These are our national football twins Zafuan and Zaquan. I wanted to ask them about being twins but there was no time. They were literally taken out in the middle of their training when we did the interview for Health Buzz so we kept our questions brief and to the point.

Twins intrigue me from a scientific standpoint. I mean to have 2 human beings to be that genetically close is really unique. And it's not just looking like each other. It's about being "in touch" in ways that defy logical explanation. Twins have been said to have a special connection.

I'm sure you've heard of how one twin would pick up the phone knowing it's the other twin calling. I know a pair who were in 2 separate countries and one of them got food poisoning and was really ill. The other twin, who was half way across the world got food poisoning at the same time (but was eating in a group where everyone ate the same food but no one except the twin fell ill). Really strange.

Look at how these twins have both decided on the same path, to take football seriously and at their level of play, BOTH of them have made it onto the national team. It's that twin connection again :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

At the music store

I was strolling around looking for a simple note stand at Bentley Music (its near the Curve) when I saw their piano section. Oh my goodness, someone came to unlock the door so I knew it was gonna be expensive but I didn't realize HOW expensive.

This piano was over RM600k! You could buy a house for that! Wow. I was feeling a bit self conscious in my slippers but the guy working there started opening this up for me to try it out.

I couldn't help myself. I sat down and started to play a couple of songs. It was such a beautiful piano. Of course, I couldn't afford it (that's for sure) but at least I had a private moment with it ;)

I can't really read music. My parents were wondering why I spent year after year without moving past Grade 1 in piano. I was basically too young, too lazy to practice. I was always more interested in ballet and tap at the time.

Years later, I regretted not paying more attention because it's nice to be able to play a musical instrument.

So I'm starting fresh with my erhu (a kind of chinese violin) and will see how I go with that. Only one lesson down and a lifetime to go lol ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First lesson

I'm not sure if you've heard of the erhu. Every time, I've mentioned it my friends have said a combination of things from "who what?" to "what who" Its a Chinese violin of sorts with only 2 strings.

First time I ever heard it, I was standing in front of this old guy who was moving the bow so slowly, ever so gracefully. I fell in love with the haunting sound of it. I wanted to learn it right away (along with a million other things like a new language, sport or that book I've been meaning to read)

So I never get around to it. Until today. 5 Years later, here I am in a music school tucked away in Cheras in an old shop lot. It was an adventure finding this place, I tell you. So many one way streets. I was also a bit worried about whether I would understand my first lesson.

The instructor doesn't speak English but we managed to get by in Malay. Once we started, I didn't feel the language barrier. It was more about watching where my hands were and listening to the chords. He kept correcting my finger placement because if you don't hold the bow at precisely the right angle, it sounds totally terrible. There was a lot of that happening ;)

It involves quite a bit of technique but I'm already looking forward to getting better on this. I've taken back the music notes for ba ba black sheep hehe. No idea how long it'll take me to learn this nursery song without annoying my neighbours lol but practise makes perfect ma? ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you wanna be an astronaut....

Jehan and I had a lot of fun shooting the astronaut Major Dr Faiz

He's a black belt in karate and the only belt I have is for my jeans lol so here we are just goofing around in the gym segment. Then, we adjourned to the space training centre which I found fascinating.

The selection process is really stringent. Not just anyone can become an astronaut. You need to be physically and mentally fit. Apparently, you also need to speak Russian coz all the knobs in the space shuttle are in Russian. They also had trainings done in the snow just so that they could experience harsh temperatures.

One of the most awful training exercises Major Dr Faiz was telling me he had to do was being spun round and round rapidly in a chair. He said it was nauseating. I guess it must've been like one of those spinning tea cups in Disneyland but much worse! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm not THAT short. The cardboard's tall! ;)

I attended Xandria's book launch comprising of all the snippets she's been writing for The Star. At the launch, midway through her heartwarming speech, she said people often say to her "oh Xandria, you think everyone is nice!" almost as though she is too naive, too trusting in this rat race we call LIFE. However, Xandria's Mum told her she would always find something nice in everyone if she was looking for it (be it what someone's wearing or their work ethic, even their smile)If you've met her, you will relate to this.

She has this exuberance for life and her positivity reminds me of the principles in "The Secret" When you go out into the world feeling positive, you tend to attract positive people, positive events and positive experiences. Her unfailing gratitude for her parents and how much they've helped and supported her through thick and thin forms the very backbone and foundation of Xandria (if you read her book, you'll realize how often they're quoted throughout it)

It is important for us to be grateful for what we have. Choose to focus on what you have rather than what you don't have coz focusing on what you "don't have" can only lead to a feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction and mounting negativity. The feeling of gratitude in itself is one of the highest forms of positivity. To feel "lucky in life" or blessed tends to create more blessings in itself and I find Xandria's gratefulness to all those around her, especially her parents seems to keep drawing positive experiences her way, and effortlessly (though she does put in the hard work necessary to turn these opportunities into a reality).

I ran into the lovely Chelsia Ng when I was there. I once went for a karaoke session with her and was really quite embarrassed to sing anything at all (but she kept insisting). I was hoping I could just sit back and be entertained lol. She has a beautiful voice and was actually on the original soundtrack of Kopitiam, which is how we met.

Blast from the past. You know Chelsia played the shampoo girl, myself, the lawyer and good ole Mano Maniam was Uncle Chan on the set of Kopitiam...

Mano, the ever so talented actor with years and years of theatre experience under his belt has always reminded me of an Indian version of Sean Connery ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

My Mum brought this doll to me on Sunday and I said "oh thanks Mum" but she straight away tells me like a cheeky 10 year old "it's not for you. I bought it for myself but you can borrow her anytime you like" haha. Who would think my Mum who has stopped buying us soft toys long ago are now buying them for herself! This bunny put a big smile on her face so I wished my Mum a Happy Easter and gave her back her new toy lol ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

An angel in the taxi?

You know the days when you wish you wouldn't bump into anyone because you really don't feel like talking? You would rather bundle up and just stay home and not face the city traffic, a crowded shopping mall or the noise and chatter of small talk.

I don't have those days often (though I value the peace and quiet of nature whenever I get the chance) because I'm generally sociable and I'm always on the go but there was this one particular "bad" day which stood out in my memory.

I was having a case of the blues and I wish I had Harry Potters invisible cloak handy. I didn't feel like seeing anyone or leaving the house but I had to be somewhere so there was no choice. I was standing on the roadside in Singapore waiting for a cab.

The moment I hopped in, I was looking out the window most of the time just staring out until the taxi driver said something really strange to me and so out of the blue "you know it's ok to cry"

My eyes widened (he had no idea how spot on he was or maybe he did). He then said another couple of things which made me realise it was just too uncanny to be real.

He was one of the most different-looking taxi drivers I've seen anyway. He looked like a sage of some sort. He had really long hair tied neatly in a pony tail. He was lean and fit with really kind eyes. Or maybe they were wise?

Could he be some sort of a kung fu sifu (I was thinking to myself) Think along the lines of an Asian Gandolph from Lord of the Rings but much younger.

For starters, he just knew I was upset about something. Fair enough but the crying thing was genuinely an issue to me.

I was frustrated believe it or not back then that I was unable to cry in general. I only did it when I watched sad movies (so the potential was there) but I couldn't seem to do it in real life.

Sorry if this is a bad example but it's the first that comes to mind. You know when a person has food poisoning and they're uncomfortable yet knowing they would feel better once its out of their system?

Crying is like laughter though they come from a different place yet they have similar outcomes. They're a release. It makes us aware of our humanity. It reminds us quite wonderfully, even painfully that we're only human.

If you can't laugh or cry, chances are you're really blocked. And its not a good way to be because things can bottle up. I logically knew I was a sensitive, emotional soul but it was really hard to cry. Bad things happened or significant events like break ups but I couldn't really cry about it (even though the feeling was there and I even wanted to).

Like I said, that was seriously years ago and I feel more balanced and at ease now that I have become more in touch with my own feelings. It seems easier to let it flow rather than to hold back whatever emotion it is.

Mind you, I've never had any trouble in the laughing department. So much so, there are acquaintances who think I'm never "down" coz I laugh a lot.

Of course I have down days. We all do but I couldn't fool this kung fu looking taxi driver. Wow. He was such a spin out. Made me wonder about that expression "angels come in many forms and guises" coz he raised my spirits just by talking to me and knowing exactly what to say (I don't even know how but he could read me and he knew back then I had an issue with crying and was advising me to let go. It would make me feel better) I mean, who meets taxi drivers like this anyway? Weird isn't it?

You know, I'm always there for my friends if they have a problem but I hadn't spoken to anyone yet about the issue I had at the time, weighing me down.

After meeting him though, I didn't have to. He made a day which started off quite badly quite an inspiration. I got out of his cab in a very different mood from how I entered it. I was so grateful that he crossed my path :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ruby's first shoot

I was desperately trying to distract Ruby from all the people standing around us so that she wouldn't fidget too much. She was amazingly quite co-operative (probably coz she was all hot and bothered). The one moment I wasn't holding her, she ran under a tree lol

It was another one of those burning hot days (I mean check out the towel on the girl's head on left ;) where you feel so uncomfortable yet thankful it's THAT hot coz clear blue skies would make a nicer, more lifestyle driven shot!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Test my hair!

I was curious about this particular hair test at the Asience shampoo launch. This lady was explaining to me that he thickness of a strand of my hair fell into the category of Asian as opposed to Caucasian hair. Wow. I didn't even know that. I asked if it was a good thing and she simply said that Asian hair is thicker per strand so it's stronger but Asians tend to have less hair (90 000 hair follicle density) versus up to 150 000 in Caucasian hair.

Oh, I see. In that case, maybe I hopefully have the best of both worlds because the thickness is Caucasian but the individual strands themselves are Asian lol Hannah has had really long hair for as long as I can remember. My hair used to be as long as hers know until I cut my hair short in 07. Lots of guys said I shouldn't have. Yeah, yeah, yeah... that's what they ALL say. Guys just seem to prefer girls with longer hair (Hannah's boyfriend included!). It was only the women who were inspired by my radical decision back then and felt like cutting their own hair short just for a change.

Elaine could've got a high mark on this hair test coz she looks pretty happy with her score card

The models at the booth had really shiny hair...

I was telling Debra (right) that I loved her curls. Really feminine and sultry. I had rushed to this event in the drizzling rain so it's a lucky thing I left my hair naturally straight. Talking about the rain, hey that's Sarah , the "weather girl" you guys know all about on left hehe

I didn't realise how black my hair was till I saw this photo of Chelsia and me

Hair can really make a person feel different about themselves. Even guys say they FEEL somewhat liberated when they shave their heads plus it's so easy because there's nothing to style. Not that I have any intentions of going bald hehe but hair can really bring out the mood of a person. For me, long hair does feel more sexy and feminine and short hair feels more funky and cute. It's just a look, I know and it's only hair but it can affect how you see yourself in a small way. I know a few girls who are so unhappy with their hair or the clolour didn't turn out the way they thought it would that they suddenly don't feel attractive. Strange but true. So make sure you look after your hair and find a hair style that makes you feel good about yourself, short or long, blue or black! ;)

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