Friday, April 24, 2009

At the music store

I was strolling around looking for a simple note stand at Bentley Music (its near the Curve) when I saw their piano section. Oh my goodness, someone came to unlock the door so I knew it was gonna be expensive but I didn't realize HOW expensive.

This piano was over RM600k! You could buy a house for that! Wow. I was feeling a bit self conscious in my slippers but the guy working there started opening this up for me to try it out.

I couldn't help myself. I sat down and started to play a couple of songs. It was such a beautiful piano. Of course, I couldn't afford it (that's for sure) but at least I had a private moment with it ;)

I can't really read music. My parents were wondering why I spent year after year without moving past Grade 1 in piano. I was basically too young, too lazy to practice. I was always more interested in ballet and tap at the time.

Years later, I regretted not paying more attention because it's nice to be able to play a musical instrument.

So I'm starting fresh with my erhu (a kind of chinese violin) and will see how I go with that. Only one lesson down and a lifetime to go lol ;)


Anonymous said...

lol yea with that money you can actually buy a house at sri hartamas..

brush up your piano skills ;p

- andrew

zisiang said...

Hi jojo :> do you still like piano?

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