Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm not THAT short. The cardboard's tall! ;)

I attended Xandria's book launch comprising of all the snippets she's been writing for The Star. At the launch, midway through her heartwarming speech, she said people often say to her "oh Xandria, you think everyone is nice!" almost as though she is too naive, too trusting in this rat race we call LIFE. However, Xandria's Mum told her she would always find something nice in everyone if she was looking for it (be it what someone's wearing or their work ethic, even their smile)If you've met her, you will relate to this.

She has this exuberance for life and her positivity reminds me of the principles in "The Secret" When you go out into the world feeling positive, you tend to attract positive people, positive events and positive experiences. Her unfailing gratitude for her parents and how much they've helped and supported her through thick and thin forms the very backbone and foundation of Xandria (if you read her book, you'll realize how often they're quoted throughout it)

It is important for us to be grateful for what we have. Choose to focus on what you have rather than what you don't have coz focusing on what you "don't have" can only lead to a feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction and mounting negativity. The feeling of gratitude in itself is one of the highest forms of positivity. To feel "lucky in life" or blessed tends to create more blessings in itself and I find Xandria's gratefulness to all those around her, especially her parents seems to keep drawing positive experiences her way, and effortlessly (though she does put in the hard work necessary to turn these opportunities into a reality).

I ran into the lovely Chelsia Ng when I was there. I once went for a karaoke session with her and was really quite embarrassed to sing anything at all (but she kept insisting). I was hoping I could just sit back and be entertained lol. She has a beautiful voice and was actually on the original soundtrack of Kopitiam, which is how we met.

Blast from the past. You know Chelsia played the shampoo girl, myself, the lawyer and good ole Mano Maniam was Uncle Chan on the set of Kopitiam...

Mano, the ever so talented actor with years and years of theatre experience under his belt has always reminded me of an Indian version of Sean Connery ;)


Xan said...

Hahaha JO! Such nice things you said...*i love you too!*

Anonymous said...

yes..yes the cardboard's simply too tall

Jojo Struys said...

*groan* ...wish I was taller though :)


Anonymous said...

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