Thursday, April 30, 2009

Penang Weekend

We were all doing a charity fashion show called"Vogue for Virtue" at Queensbay Mall over the weekend. Roshan and Serena C were the mc's.

Roshan was the first to arrive at the airport, "uhm, why wasn't I surprised?" (we used to call him teacher's pet at MIX fm hehe and he probably still is, sorry Roshan but ya know it's true! :) I checked in and joined him for breakfast.

We were all flying by firefly. Hey, I noticed the airport at Subang is now much nicer than it used to be though they're still not completely done yet. I love the idea of getting away, even though I wasn't going very far.

The act of getting on an airplane made me feel like I was disconnecting from KL. A refreshing change of scenery...

I didn't mean to cut Henry's forehead off but the security guard was saying "no photos" so I couldn't take another one. This will have to do ;)

Roshan and Henry about to board...

We headed straight to Queensbay mall for a briefing. We were on such a tight schedule so there was no time to check in at the hotel first.

Serena and Roshan going over their scripts. I was happy I wasn't mc ing this event for a change hehe. I spent my time chatting to the girls backstage and sorting out my wardrobe for the show.

Henry Golding getting his hair done. We found out something quite surprising about Henry. Apparently, he's had work experience back home at a hair salon in England..." mean you could do my hair?"

Wow. Really didn't expect that but a hair salon ended up being able to sort us all out so we didn't have to trouble Henry to style our hair haha

We were all rushing like mad to get ready but here we are, finally. Hair and make up done, dressed and ready for the show.

From left, that's Elaine Daly, Debra Henry, my short self (but honestly anyone would be next to Debra haha ;) and Henry Golding. It was like being in school again coz we felt like we were in uniform but the shirts were pretty cool so we didn't mind walking round in them.

This was Henry and me on the last round for Braun Buffel. It was funny during the rehearsal. I physically bumped into Elaine so we developed a system to always cross 'past the right shoulder' to avoid hitting into each other. Henry and me were drawing flower patterns in the air with our fingers just before going on just to make sure we had the sequence right :)

It just so happens that the Hennesy Artistry party was happening the same night we were in Penang so after the fashion show, we all headed out to PARTY and we ran into Vanessa (on right) who was kinda shocked to see the whole KL gang at the event. She was hosting it which is why she was there. The music I tell you was awesome!! I took my high heels off coz I felt so incorrectly dressed for it.

The dj's were flown in from France. I think they were called Starz Angels and there was also a really funky guy called Jmi Sissoko (on right). I absolutely LOVED the music, the ambience, the dj's. What a rocking night! We were at Qe2 by the water till the wee hours hehe

The next day, it was a bit of a struggle to get up but I couldn't afford to miss my flight...

Vanessa, Serena C and Debra about to board. We all had SO much fun in Penang! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. What fun! Can put me in your baggage next time Jojo? lol
Rizal :-)

Jojo Struys said...

Hi Rizal ,
Well if you are about 2ft high and 1 ft across, I will try for my next visit *wink* *wink*


J@s0n said...

Saw u at Queensbay Mall and u look really awesome.I was one of the Official Photographer for the event.

Yatz said...

aahhh celebrity event..nice..

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