Friday, April 3, 2009

Dress the part

I once went for an audition for a bank ad so I assumed I should look feminine and elegant. You can't really go wrong with a black dress and high heels, right? Its so classic but my agency didn't tell me what the clients were actually looking for.

I got to the casting, was led to the back room where the studio was and they promptly told me what actions they needed on camera. When I heard the story board, I looked a bit dumbstruck. "Basketball?" I say to them.

"Yes, why? Is there a problem? Your agency said you're really sporty"

"No, no problem. I love sports but I don't have the right attire, that's all" It's quite unfortunate that my agency FORGOT to tell me to dress for exercise but now that I was there, there was no choice but to go ahead and cast for this job anyway.

When they called out "action", I had to pretend I was on a basketball court (though it was a huge air conditioned white studio) so there I was with a real basketball dressed for a cocktail party.

I felt quite ridiculous with my black dress and high heels but I tried to look like I was playing the game. Reminded me of this corporate video I just shot where I was overtaking people on a running track in my working suit :)

This was at the starting line. I ran with the jacket, the heels, you name it but it was sweltering so I kept the jacket off when camera wasn't rolling.

Burn zone out there, I tell you!

We shot this at a school track. The students throughout the day kept peering over. They sure didn't understand why I was sprinting in a double layered office suit in high heat on a running track lol

It's strange how the clothes you wear can affect your mood. As in elegant clothes can put you into a lady like feminine mood. Oh, and have you noticed how the moment you're out of your work clothes (esp those of you in the corporate line), that you feel immediately more casual and relaxed?

Look at people in cold countries. They tend to be wrapped in so many layers of clothing that they seem somewhat more reserved than those living in a tropical paradise.

We always hear the expression "you are what you eat" but perhaps it wouldn't be far fetched to say "you are what you wear" except for the odd occasion I'm asked to play basketball in a cocktail dress! Or sprint in office attire on a running track :)


Anonymous said...

wow, that's just nuts!! dun know how you ran in da high heels. pretty cool :)

Jojo Struys said...

It was actually quite dangerous and the director was asking me if I was ''sure '' like ten times ! I said , Yes ! I wanna do this ! The actual footage that came back was fantastic but he was right , it was dangerous ....


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