Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ruby's first shoot

I was desperately trying to distract Ruby from all the people standing around us so that she wouldn't fidget too much. She was amazingly quite co-operative (probably coz she was all hot and bothered). The one moment I wasn't holding her, she ran under a tree lol

It was another one of those burning hot days (I mean check out the towel on the girl's head on left ;) where you feel so uncomfortable yet thankful it's THAT hot coz clear blue skies would make a nicer, more lifestyle driven shot!


AA said...

Saw you walking your two dogs yesterday over at the lake. My son said...Ayah look! Your favourite dog. If we could own a dog, it will be 'that' dog.

Jojo Struys said...

Hey, you should've stopped to meet them. I could've introduced you. They're really friendly :)

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