Thursday, July 30, 2009

What happened on my b day...

It was my b'day yesterday and I didn't wanna celebrate. Been too busy and didn't expect a b'day gift from my boyfriend either. In fact, I told him not to buy me anything this year. Of course, he didn't listen to me. He never does right? ;)

When I got home, my eyes widened in surprise. There were roses strewn all over my room and there was this one gift sitting on my bed. I was so touched he went through all this trouble and I knew he wrapped the gift himself coz it was wrapped so badly lol ;)

I thought it was a book but my goodness!! It was a lap top! Wow, the latest lenovo netbook is so incredibly small. How handy. It can easily fit into my handbag! Maybe he does listen to me after all *chuckle*. I used to complain about my shoulder hurting from lugging around my previous lap top. It was really heavy.

Imagine how small the netbook is (pink sleeve on left) compared to a regular lap top

Here's the crazy thing. My parents got me the MACbook Air. Wow!! and for the same reason my boyfriend got me the Lenovo. My Mum said my shoulders would be lopsided if I don't watch it hehe so after being stuck with the same clunky lap top for ages, I now have TWO brand new ones. I can't believe it! So lucky!

The MACbook Air is a work of art. The world's thinnest lap top. No idea how to use it but I'll learn. Never had a MAC before but I'm really looking forward to it and my new netbook is gonna be perrrrfect for travelling coz it's so small. Love them equally!! Yay!

I also got an artistic painting, a belly dancing skirt, some exotic teas and a great big purple candle (I really LOVE candles. They're all over my house) Oh, and my sister got me the Tao Oracle filled with ancient wisdom. I'm excited to learn how to do a reading. Perhaps I should get a crystal ball too and read your fortunes since I have these cards now? haha! ;)

I didn't know how all my friends seemed to know it was my bday coz they were smsing me from every corner of the world. They ALL couldn't possibly have such great memory isn't it (I did a bit of detective work n found out my boyfriend wrote to all them!) And guess what? I went to a friend's place for drinks last night but he invited all my really old friends. Huh? Yup, you guessed it. The thoughtful boyfriend again got them all together at my friend's place. I loved it. There were only 10 of us, great conversations and everyone re-connecting and just catching up. So unexpected and these were some of my oldest friends in KL.

I was swaying a bit toward the end of the night *chuckle* It was the champagne. It's deceptively easy to drink it la. I had so much fun. It was one of those special evenings you don't forget because it was so effortless, so warmly spontaneous and most importantly arranged with love. Thank you boyfriend, you know who you are! (sorry, no pic. He's camera shy! ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Liverpool in Singapore

I am the most unlikely person to spot at a football game but when a close friend of mine got grandstand balcony tickets for a bunch of us, I couldn't say no. I used to live with a football fanatic and he was trying to educate me on HOW LUCKY I was to get these tickets so fine, "I'm going, I'm going ok!"

We parked in town, took a train to the nearest MRT and walked on foot to the stadium. Smart move seriously coz the traffic was crazy!! Red shirts were singing in the streets. I was already having fun and I felt I really wasn't walking alone :)

Funnily enough, I got lost in the crowd at one point but my friends spotted me quite easily coz I wasn't in RED

Funny how I came from KL to watch this and I end up sitting behind Malaysian football commentator Zainal and his cute son! Malaysia boleh!

I saw 5 year old kids at the railing cheering away. Talk about starting young!

The atmosphere was incredible. I really got into it. The Liverpool team were passing the ball with such ease that it made it very difficult for the Singapore players to get any possession.

I pitied the Liverpool goalkeeper Reina. He really didn't have to do anything coz the ball was always on the other side *chuckle*

Liverpool got 5 goals and Singapore didn't get any but it's not like people were expecting them to win right? My friend James (below) felt compelled to cheer Singapore on (not sure if he was being sarcastic tho) coz they didn't stand a chance.

When Torres and Alonso walked on after the second half, the crowd was deafening. Everyone got so excited. Three mexican waves went round the Stadium. Felt like I was on a roller coaster with my hands up in the air. Electrifying....

I really didn't expect to enjoy myself this much but I have to admit it. I had an awesome weekend in Sing!

A football game on TV isn't the same as watching it LIVE. The atmosphere is amazing. Loved it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eye lashes like you've never seen them before!

For as long as the modern world can remember, eye lashes are associated with sex appeal and flirtation and a girl playing the dumb blonde part would have to agree coz they get away with murder just looking clueless ;) Women batt their eyelashes unconsciously and sometimes deliberately.

For me, I was waiting for my gorgeous fake ones to dry so patience was all I needed in the make up chair but my goooooodness, you should see these incredible creations I caught at the launch of shu uemura's Tokyo lash bar launch.

Each shu uemura make up artist painstakingly came up with their own look.

They ranged from the wacky to the weird, the bold and the beautiful...I found them all unbelievably artistic.

This had to be one of the furriest eyes I've ever seen on a catwalk! Love it! What an effect!

I can imagine how long they were in the make up chair to create this. What a lot of work...

She reminds me of space, bubbles and ice. Pretty cool effect *shiver*

If eyes are said to be windows to the soul, then long eye-lashes certainly draw attention to the eyes, opening them up or creating an air of mystery...

Interestingly, the "look" below focuses more on the bottom rather than top half of the lashes.

Somehow, this reddish orange colour combination suits her. She looks thoughtful, don't u think?

These rainbow colours make her seem far away n dreamy. More fantasy-like...

All the shu uemura accredited artists walked out with the model they had created which was a nice touch coz they're the real face behind the face so at least I got to see the artists :)

It's hard to choose which look was my favourite because they were all so different but I def found the huge feather eyed one extremely eye catching. You?

Must have been hard to have a sandwich backstage. Look at her hands lol ;)

I found Amber's eye colours very earthy. Green goes surprisingly well with gold. She looked like a cat that night, meow! ;)

Ok, her eyes are closed and I should really do the same. Gonna crash now. So tired, but hang on a moment, better take my fake lashes off first hehe, nightey zzz

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shout Awards Backstage

It was such a crazy day yesterday. I think I had my lunch standing up. I just had so much to do before hitting the road to Bukit Jalil stadium. Really didn't help that I was caught in a huge jam on the way to the Shout Awards.

I saw all these red shirts and then I understood WHY the roads were so jammed. Manchester United was playing next door!! But I got there, thank goodness. I rushed into the stadium with my slippers and once I was backstage, I could finally sit back, relax, phew...

Diana Rosdi and I were presenting the "Hottest Guy" award. I had never met her before but we put our heads together trying to work out who was gonna say what. We had a lot of fun with it.I remember Deborah Henry saying she had never met Tony Fernandes before that night but they also had to instantly work together too lol :)  

The nominees for the "hottest guy" award were:

Faizal Tahir
Jonathan Putra (JP)
Tony Eusoff
Zahiril Adzim
Zizan Nin

I couldn't tell you if this was the facial expression of Faizal Tahir when he won coz he wasn't there. Since I walked off stage with HIS trophy, I felt like the Hottest Guy! Haha :)

Serena C was looking very Marilyn Monroe-like with her new hair-do. 

In the corridor, I saw these three cultural "dolls" shuffling past me and just had to take a photo with them. Arigato!

It was good seeing Apek again. Last time we ran into each other was when I was in the night shift at MIX fm. He'd pop in to chat with me in between recordings.

Strange bunch eh? But I blended right in till they asked me to sing with them for fun. I said It was a terrible idea. The building had glass in it :) 

Joe Flizzow made a really grand entrance on stage with this car so I thought I'd show you how the car made it up there. 

On the way to the buffet line at the after party, I ran into Fazura who was nominated for the Hot Chick award.

Sean Kingston dedicated "Beautiful Girl" to all the ladies in the audience. When the hosts said he is all the way from Florida in the US of A, I thought of my sister right away. She lives there! 

Last time I saw Vanida Imran was when we were shooting Health Buzz in a beautiful Moroccan spa...Ah, just thinking about it makes me want to have a massage :) 

It was the BEST thing to get out of my heels after such a long day and see my pugs. What a radically different atmosphere. No more cameras, loud music or flashing lights. Though I had a grrrreat time at the Shout Awards, it was seriously so good to be back home. It was hard to tear myself off the sofa but it was time to shower and crash out zzz

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You gotta see this if u haven't already!

I was looking out the window for this shot and my mind started to wonder aimlessly. You know how that may happen while driving or washing the dishes? Well, this was what made me almost crack up in mid shot. Just the other day, someone asked me what my all time favourite ad was so I was replaying it in my mind. It is soooo good. I've watched so many ads. I mean it, seriously. I used to live with a director, study advertising and was going out with a copywriter for years and my home was filled with stock tapes of the worlds best ads BUT this one, for various reasons just does it for me.

Click here to view my favourite ad!

I'm not going to say who it's for or what the product is coz it'll spoil the impact of it. Just watch it. The best ads usually are the simplest and it's not easy to get a story line across in such a short amount of time and I think this was done brilliantly not to mention the facial expressions and "acting" was spot on! Let me know what you think of it kay? I'd love to hear what reaction it got out of you! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am finally at peace that I don't have the H1N1 virus. Yaaaaaay! The suspense was killing me so while I waited for the results, I came up with some pros and cons.


- I would have developed an immunity to it. When you get it, you don't really get it again!

- 7 days mc without needing to feel guilty about it.

- No work meetings with no need to apologize coz no one wants to meet you either! ;)

- Quality time with my pugs with no worries coz it doesn't affect them, only humans


- Being sick of course

- The H1N1 flu itself could affect your whole family (but mine are four legged so I was ok! :)

- Sadly, people may treat you like a disease even if you have recovered from it

Oh, you know what's interesting? The health authorities told me just TODAY that they will no longer be conducting swab tests unless a person is seriously affected or needs to be hospitalized. I heard it costs RM1 500 per swab test! Serious cash and Canada and other countries are also saying it is better to put that money into treatment rather than these tests.

I am sooo lucky coz this means I'm probably one of the last people in Malaysia to have gone through the swab test or I would've spent the week in my house never knowing if I had H1N1 or not.

However, I was given Tamiflu medication anyway which is super effective. Those affected by H1N1 can kill it off really quickly if they take Tamiflu. The worrying thing about the virus is that the UN and WHO have confirmed a growing number of people who already have it all over the world and the supply of Tamiflu is quite short so if you think you have it, don't worry about the flu so much as getting your hands on that treatment!

Since I've read so much about H1N1 these last few days, here's a few points I wanted to share to minimize the spread of this:
  • Wash your hands with soap and water often, ESPECIALLY after you cough or sneeze. A hand sanitizer can also be used (I have one in my handbag)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth as germs can spread easily that way
  • If you have flu symptoms, seek medical advice
  • If you think you have it, stay home for 7 days to keep others from getting infected
  • Drink A LOT of water
  • Take Vitamin C

Hope this helps and if any of you see me walking about in society, no need to wave from a distance ok? The only thing I've been told is contagious is my laugh ;) Failing of which, I could always infect you with a smile :)

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