Monday, July 27, 2009

Liverpool in Singapore

I am the most unlikely person to spot at a football game but when a close friend of mine got grandstand balcony tickets for a bunch of us, I couldn't say no. I used to live with a football fanatic and he was trying to educate me on HOW LUCKY I was to get these tickets so fine, "I'm going, I'm going ok!"

We parked in town, took a train to the nearest MRT and walked on foot to the stadium. Smart move seriously coz the traffic was crazy!! Red shirts were singing in the streets. I was already having fun and I felt I really wasn't walking alone :)

Funnily enough, I got lost in the crowd at one point but my friends spotted me quite easily coz I wasn't in RED

Funny how I came from KL to watch this and I end up sitting behind Malaysian football commentator Zainal and his cute son! Malaysia boleh!

I saw 5 year old kids at the railing cheering away. Talk about starting young!

The atmosphere was incredible. I really got into it. The Liverpool team were passing the ball with such ease that it made it very difficult for the Singapore players to get any possession.

I pitied the Liverpool goalkeeper Reina. He really didn't have to do anything coz the ball was always on the other side *chuckle*

Liverpool got 5 goals and Singapore didn't get any but it's not like people were expecting them to win right? My friend James (below) felt compelled to cheer Singapore on (not sure if he was being sarcastic tho) coz they didn't stand a chance.

When Torres and Alonso walked on after the second half, the crowd was deafening. Everyone got so excited. Three mexican waves went round the Stadium. Felt like I was on a roller coaster with my hands up in the air. Electrifying....

I really didn't expect to enjoy myself this much but I have to admit it. I had an awesome weekend in Sing!

A football game on TV isn't the same as watching it LIVE. The atmosphere is amazing. Loved it!


Adrian said...

I envy u, gurl.

I'm a Liverpool fan who went to watch MU play Msia. Not the same as cheering the team u support.

Tekkaus said...

I agreed with Adrian! You are so damn lucky. I'm not a liverpool fans though, but to be able to get up close and personal with them is really something special for any football fans. :O

shazat said...

Glory...Glory...ManUnited...but still support Mlaysian player though...

zewt said...

now, this is one thing where i am not jealous of... haha...



Anonymous said...

Hey Adrian, I was next door at the Shout Awards and the traffic was nuts!!

Kate M said...

What a purdy girl you are, and you have such a friendly face.

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