Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am finally at peace that I don't have the H1N1 virus. Yaaaaaay! The suspense was killing me so while I waited for the results, I came up with some pros and cons.


- I would have developed an immunity to it. When you get it, you don't really get it again!

- 7 days mc without needing to feel guilty about it.

- No work meetings with no need to apologize coz no one wants to meet you either! ;)

- Quality time with my pugs with no worries coz it doesn't affect them, only humans


- Being sick of course

- The H1N1 flu itself could affect your whole family (but mine are four legged so I was ok! :)

- Sadly, people may treat you like a disease even if you have recovered from it

Oh, you know what's interesting? The health authorities told me just TODAY that they will no longer be conducting swab tests unless a person is seriously affected or needs to be hospitalized. I heard it costs RM1 500 per swab test! Serious cash and Canada and other countries are also saying it is better to put that money into treatment rather than these tests.

I am sooo lucky coz this means I'm probably one of the last people in Malaysia to have gone through the swab test or I would've spent the week in my house never knowing if I had H1N1 or not.

However, I was given Tamiflu medication anyway which is super effective. Those affected by H1N1 can kill it off really quickly if they take Tamiflu. The worrying thing about the virus is that the UN and WHO have confirmed a growing number of people who already have it all over the world and the supply of Tamiflu is quite short so if you think you have it, don't worry about the flu so much as getting your hands on that treatment!

Since I've read so much about H1N1 these last few days, here's a few points I wanted to share to minimize the spread of this:
  • Wash your hands with soap and water often, ESPECIALLY after you cough or sneeze. A hand sanitizer can also be used (I have one in my handbag)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth as germs can spread easily that way
  • If you have flu symptoms, seek medical advice
  • If you think you have it, stay home for 7 days to keep others from getting infected
  • Drink A LOT of water
  • Take Vitamin C

Hope this helps and if any of you see me walking about in society, no need to wave from a distance ok? The only thing I've been told is contagious is my laugh ;) Failing of which, I could always infect you with a smile :)


Tekkaus said...

Yay! So you are a-o-k~lar Jojo! :D You must be very worried right these few days. Then again, you had this special experience for being quarantined. Really priceless right? ;P

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! I agreed with you. Now you are stronger huh! You obtained the immunity already. Ha :D

Your pugs must be hoping for you to be quarantined again! LOL :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Adrian said...

Wow. U're really protecting urself arent u? Face mask & hood? Hahaha.

That photo is kinda funny.

~ALSY~ said...

Yay, you have recovered...
Good for u...

Jasmine-Kimberly said...

quarantine over, yay for you!

Patricia said...

glad you're ok! i like the last part of this post :D

Igniz said...

i agree with the part saying that ur smile and laugh are contagious:P

YULI said...

my friend is currently quarantined. and i promise not to treat her as a disease!

Anonymous said...

Well Jojo,
I am just recovering from H1N1 and have just been discharged.....and maybe I was lucky but the overall symptoms of getting H1n1 is .....just like getting a normal flu but you feel a bit more exhausted. The last thing you need is for ignorant people to look at you in a certain sort of way like you got some freaking bubonic plague, but the bottom line is ....alot of Malaysians just don't understand they are fearing something they dont know much about. I can't blame them as I was like that before I got it. But h1n1 is influenza A. It is a strain which is now called h1n1 but in a few months time, it could mutate into something else.

The media is such a powerful tool ...for good and for bad. Look at how the English view h1n1 ...and how the Malaysians view h1n1 ?
The Malaysian media need to freaking get their acts together and tell the public what they really need to know about the h1n1.

Also, the Malaysian hospitals also need to freaking get their acts together to know what to do with suspected h1n1 victims and also to do it in a much more meticulous manner...... !

They took 3 freaking hours in the ambulance to get me .....cos they were lost !

It took the doctor another 4 hours to see me when i was admitted in.

And to imagine that you can get even more sick in hospital than probably staying at home ....cos they don't even make the other h1n1 patients wear masks !

A very frustrated malaysian h1n1 patient that has experienced Malaysian hospitals at its very ''best " cough cough .....

I won't leave my name just in case they come looking for me in a car with blue lights...but I suppose they would still probably get lost doing that !

Husen said...

"The only thing I've been told is contagious is my laugh. Failing of which, I could always infect you with a smile"

I must agree with Igniz. That would kill any guy :)

Adrian said...

Ok, now that I'm awake. That photo is not funny. Could tell from your eyes you were worried.

Sorry ya. It was almost 4am when I made dat comment. The effects of sleep deprivation does weird things to a man's head. :)

Careen said...

yeap, you never fail to infect us with your smile :)

Anonymous said...

I have just recovered from H1N1 too and I couldn't agree more on anonymous's comment. the exact same thing happened to me.

Nizam said...

good to know u r not infected, jo2! all fine now;)

p/s: i've been infected by your smile long time ago;p

Family of Four said...

A friend of mine got the H1N1. She has two daughters who are doctors monitoring her at home all the time. She almost lost consciousness.They were watching her platelet count. They told her they could do nothing about her situation until the 9th day.Once the fever went away, she began to feel better. She took Yomeishu to get back her health.It was a raw deal, according to her. SARS was not as bad as this.Thank God, you were diagnosed as negative. Keep fit, Jojo. I want to see you succeed!

Anonymous said...

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