Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shout Awards Backstage

It was such a crazy day yesterday. I think I had my lunch standing up. I just had so much to do before hitting the road to Bukit Jalil stadium. Really didn't help that I was caught in a huge jam on the way to the Shout Awards.

I saw all these red shirts and then I understood WHY the roads were so jammed. Manchester United was playing next door!! But I got there, thank goodness. I rushed into the stadium with my slippers and once I was backstage, I could finally sit back, relax, phew...

Diana Rosdi and I were presenting the "Hottest Guy" award. I had never met her before but we put our heads together trying to work out who was gonna say what. We had a lot of fun with it.I remember Deborah Henry saying she had never met Tony Fernandes before that night but they also had to instantly work together too lol :)  

The nominees for the "hottest guy" award were:

Faizal Tahir
Jonathan Putra (JP)
Tony Eusoff
Zahiril Adzim
Zizan Nin

I couldn't tell you if this was the facial expression of Faizal Tahir when he won coz he wasn't there. Since I walked off stage with HIS trophy, I felt like the Hottest Guy! Haha :)

Serena C was looking very Marilyn Monroe-like with her new hair-do. 

In the corridor, I saw these three cultural "dolls" shuffling past me and just had to take a photo with them. Arigato!

It was good seeing Apek again. Last time we ran into each other was when I was in the night shift at MIX fm. He'd pop in to chat with me in between recordings.

Strange bunch eh? But I blended right in till they asked me to sing with them for fun. I said It was a terrible idea. The building had glass in it :) 

Joe Flizzow made a really grand entrance on stage with this car so I thought I'd show you how the car made it up there. 

On the way to the buffet line at the after party, I ran into Fazura who was nominated for the Hot Chick award.

Sean Kingston dedicated "Beautiful Girl" to all the ladies in the audience. When the hosts said he is all the way from Florida in the US of A, I thought of my sister right away. She lives there! 

Last time I saw Vanida Imran was when we were shooting Health Buzz in a beautiful Moroccan spa...Ah, just thinking about it makes me want to have a massage :) 

It was the BEST thing to get out of my heels after such a long day and see my pugs. What a radically different atmosphere. No more cameras, loud music or flashing lights. Though I had a grrrreat time at the Shout Awards, it was seriously so good to be back home. It was hard to tear myself off the sofa but it was time to shower and crash out zzz


rebel_heart said...

Just out of curiosity (and totally unrelated but still), do you live with your parents still?

sicKo^ said...

seems like u had a big day but how come u didnt go to the next door, watching all the tough guy there?

Husen said...

thanks for posting these pictures, vanidah imran, paula malai ali (?), etc. great to see them all.

rebel heart, that is an awfully intrusive question.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nothing beats the glitz and glamour than staying at home huh...hehe

Igniz said...

faizal may be the hottest guy, but you're the hottest girl:)

Husen said...

oh no, not paula, it's sazzy falak

Hayley said...

jojo u looked stunning!!! ;)
wish i was there T__T

freddy boy said...

you were on TV! sick!! i would have passed out.. well done, and you looked awesome too!!!

Crystal Hew said...

i always wonder...who takes the picture for you? your bf?

Tekkaus said...

I watched it live....from my TV! :D It was a blast right? I'm sure you enjoyed it right? This shout award is the first in Malaysia and I'm sure it will bode well for the entertainment industry!

I thing the one who stood out the most is Jean! :P

Jojo Struys said...

rebel heart, nope! My parents live in JB and Singapore :)

thx Igniz, Hayley, Freddy. Lotsa make up la! *blush*

hey Crystal, my boyfriend wasn't at the awards with me. He's a shy guy :)

RunWitMe said...

Hi Jojo! I saw you at the SHOUT AWARD last Friday and you looked fantastic!
The spot where I was standing didn't give me the best view of the presenters' faces but it did give the best views of something else.

I'm no pervert but I just making the best of of the situation! :D

Pauline Yap said...

the pugs are so cute! :D

rebel_heart said...

@Husen, how is it intrusive?? It's a pretty generic question.

Husen said...

@rebel_heart, oh really? i thought it was. but no difference what i think, as long as fine with jojo.

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