Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You gotta see this if u haven't already!

I was looking out the window for this shot and my mind started to wonder aimlessly. You know how that may happen while driving or washing the dishes? Well, this was what made me almost crack up in mid shot. Just the other day, someone asked me what my all time favourite ad was so I was replaying it in my mind. It is soooo good. I've watched so many ads. I mean it, seriously. I used to live with a director, study advertising and was going out with a copywriter for years and my home was filled with stock tapes of the worlds best ads BUT this one, for various reasons just does it for me.

Click here to view my favourite ad!

I'm not going to say who it's for or what the product is coz it'll spoil the impact of it. Just watch it. The best ads usually are the simplest and it's not easy to get a story line across in such a short amount of time and I think this was done brilliantly not to mention the facial expressions and "acting" was spot on! Let me know what you think of it kay? I'd love to hear what reaction it got out of you! :)


Igniz said...

Aha, nice ad, seriously!:)
I realize that ads which usually attract people are the ones that start with a story or something unrelated, but then at the end of it, everything makes sense. How the product and the story got intertwined:)

Tekkaus said...

The ad you pick is really special. I can feel it too if someone cheated on me. ha :D But then the intention to commit suicide failed because of Bridgestone! Haha :D

Hayley said...

I feel so sorry for the dog T__T
but yet, its a great ad!! its something which make sense and can relate to the whole tire thing..
'designed to save lives', what a nice quote!!

Adrian said...

That is super cool. Ads in Thailand are very good.

sicKo^ said...

nice.. how come they don't make ads like this in M'sia?

Storm Kee said...

had seen this ad years ago.
i ROFLOL.. :p

JyhYnan said...

Check this out this 3G ads:

Mike Yip said...

May I know where this photo was done? I mean, the location of the shoot.

freddy boy said...

that was an awesome ad!

ahmad said...

that ad is so funny but the message is there....hahaha

Eric Lim said...

the only thai ad i could remember is a "bank" robbery ad. saw tht many years back...jst too funny.

Husen said...

personally, i would prefer a bit more parsimony. a bit too much drama/action for my liking.

Careen said...

haha super cool! the dogs can act! ;)

mustaffa said...

=) saw u last night in shout award.
u look gorgeous.
the add was hilarious.
make one wonder how can 1 relation become disastrous.
buy a good tyre coz life a precious.

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