Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bangkok Trip!

I was just thinking as I walked past a devastated looking girl at Bangkok airport that she must've had to say goodbye to someone. Airports are full of emotions depending on who's coming, who's going. For the business traveller, he might be pumped with adrenalin for an important meeting or weary and looking forward to going home to his family. For lovers, they count down the days in excitement till they get to pick up their partners from the airport but also dread sending them off.

Airports are always so multi-cultural.Who likes to say goodbye? At that moment of parting, I always feel it the most.

My sister lives in Florida and it's the hardest thing for us at the airport not knowing when we'll see each other again. She waves till she becomes a dot in the distance. So depressing! *sob*

I thought it was interesting seeing a monk traveler. He probably had no emotion at all, just "zen" haha ;)

I love the tuk tuks. It makes me feel up close to all the street sounds and everything around me. It places you in the middle of all that hustle and bustle, the mad Bangkok traffic and they drive like the wind. It's almost scary coz everything rattles like a tin can hehe ;)

There's something funky about them. I mean, who's got multi-coloured disco looking brake lights anyway? ;)

Everyone works so hard. The street peddlars are always doing something! Whether it's cutting fruit, selling things, cooking by the roadside...makes me appreciate what I have.

It's so crazy how you could be window shopping in Thailand and all of a sudden a couple of elephants are standing right next to you on the footpath lol ;)

I almost jumped out of my skin coz his hair brushed past my wrist without me realising what IT was standing behind me. OMG, it was such a HUGE elephant and his trunk was like a hoover. Everything I fed him seemed to be dumped like a bottomless pit into its cute mouth!

On my last night in Thailand, I'm glad I got to catch up with my girlfriend Sonia. I hadn't seen her in ages but we picked up where we left off. We always do :)

Dinner with Sonia, her Corsican husband, a Polish model and a photographer from Paris made dinner conversation really challenging coz there was Thai, English and French going round the table. Where is the translator when you need one?? lol ;)

Krap khun ka Bangkok! I will miss you but I will surely be back for another round of retail therapy, crazy tuk tuks and fabulous Thai green curry! *heavenly sigh*


Adrian said...

No photos of the gains from retail theraphy?

Are the Thais still dat friendly? :P

Tekkaus said...

Wow! This is surely a long post. Yeah! It's really depressing sometimes to say goodbye..especially of the distance is really far and when we don't know when we will meet again! =(

Hahaha :D Funny! I mean the elephant! We don't see this in Malaysia right?

Hayley said...

yes, airport is a place of mixed feeling. some are happy, but some are sad ones..
hmm, but the elephant was friendly i think? ;)

~ALSY~ said...

Cute elephant...

Airports are a place of meeting and parting...
There's sure to be sadness, but there's always the time where people who part will meet again...
So, it isn't that bad I guess... :)

Igniz said...

Waa, seems u had fun in Bangkok..feeling jealous a bit. never been there.:P

Anonymous said...

Great pics. I miss Bangkok!!!

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