Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just landed!

At Bangkok airport customs now. Goodness, can you see in the background how the passport officer is wearing a mask? Even the guy sitting next to me on the plane had one on. Made communicating a lil awkward. I was like "sorry what did you say? Oh, you need a pen" lol ;) I felt like the plague. Well, fingers crossed, I don't catch anything and return home safely.

I'm excited to be here tho. What strikes me about travelling is everything just looks and feels so different. The sanskrit looking Thai words on the EXIT sign and someone bowing to me as I left the plane with a sweet "sawadee ka" made me realise in 2 short hours that I was no longer in boleh land ;)
Oh goodness, I was so busy typing I didn't realise I was standing in front of the baggage belt from Dubai! Hehe Well, better run along. I'll write more once I've settled in kay? Laters! :)
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Tekkaus said... you are now in the magical land of Thailand lar. Ha :D You said you were busy typing? Typing for this post via your handphone? Anyway have a safe journey Jojo! ;D

sicKo^ said...

so, jojo.. where is ur mask??

whoaa, mello said...

You should be wearing a mask too actually... Just to be safe, y'know. But good to know you're happy & safe!

shazat said...

Mask on Mask Rider...just a precaution

mustaffa said...

haaaaa Bolehland....where did i heard that before.
pop:27 mil & counting.
ppl from all over(nepal, bangladesh, indonesia, philipine) came here to achieve 'the Dream'.
BolehLand Where Everything Goes™.
Now everyone can dream™.

Jojo Struys said...

Guys, ur right! I should've gotten a mask

Jojo Struys said...

hey Tekkaus, yup, I often blog directly from my blackberry. It's super fast n really convienient!

It's pretty much like sending an email with an attached photo from the phone :)

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