Sunday, April 5, 2009

Test my hair!

I was curious about this particular hair test at the Asience shampoo launch. This lady was explaining to me that he thickness of a strand of my hair fell into the category of Asian as opposed to Caucasian hair. Wow. I didn't even know that. I asked if it was a good thing and she simply said that Asian hair is thicker per strand so it's stronger but Asians tend to have less hair (90 000 hair follicle density) versus up to 150 000 in Caucasian hair.

Oh, I see. In that case, maybe I hopefully have the best of both worlds because the thickness is Caucasian but the individual strands themselves are Asian lol Hannah has had really long hair for as long as I can remember. My hair used to be as long as hers know until I cut my hair short in 07. Lots of guys said I shouldn't have. Yeah, yeah, yeah... that's what they ALL say. Guys just seem to prefer girls with longer hair (Hannah's boyfriend included!). It was only the women who were inspired by my radical decision back then and felt like cutting their own hair short just for a change.

Elaine could've got a high mark on this hair test coz she looks pretty happy with her score card

The models at the booth had really shiny hair...

I was telling Debra (right) that I loved her curls. Really feminine and sultry. I had rushed to this event in the drizzling rain so it's a lucky thing I left my hair naturally straight. Talking about the rain, hey that's Sarah , the "weather girl" you guys know all about on left hehe

I didn't realise how black my hair was till I saw this photo of Chelsia and me

Hair can really make a person feel different about themselves. Even guys say they FEEL somewhat liberated when they shave their heads plus it's so easy because there's nothing to style. Not that I have any intentions of going bald hehe but hair can really bring out the mood of a person. For me, long hair does feel more sexy and feminine and short hair feels more funky and cute. It's just a look, I know and it's only hair but it can affect how you see yourself in a small way. I know a few girls who are so unhappy with their hair or the clolour didn't turn out the way they thought it would that they suddenly don't feel attractive. Strange but true. So make sure you look after your hair and find a hair style that makes you feel good about yourself, short or long, blue or black! ;)


Anonymous said...

all so gorgeous!!! I wish I was there :(

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