Sunday, April 12, 2009

An angel in the taxi?

You know the days when you wish you wouldn't bump into anyone because you really don't feel like talking? You would rather bundle up and just stay home and not face the city traffic, a crowded shopping mall or the noise and chatter of small talk.

I don't have those days often (though I value the peace and quiet of nature whenever I get the chance) because I'm generally sociable and I'm always on the go but there was this one particular "bad" day which stood out in my memory.

I was having a case of the blues and I wish I had Harry Potters invisible cloak handy. I didn't feel like seeing anyone or leaving the house but I had to be somewhere so there was no choice. I was standing on the roadside in Singapore waiting for a cab.

The moment I hopped in, I was looking out the window most of the time just staring out until the taxi driver said something really strange to me and so out of the blue "you know it's ok to cry"

My eyes widened (he had no idea how spot on he was or maybe he did). He then said another couple of things which made me realise it was just too uncanny to be real.

He was one of the most different-looking taxi drivers I've seen anyway. He looked like a sage of some sort. He had really long hair tied neatly in a pony tail. He was lean and fit with really kind eyes. Or maybe they were wise?

Could he be some sort of a kung fu sifu (I was thinking to myself) Think along the lines of an Asian Gandolph from Lord of the Rings but much younger.

For starters, he just knew I was upset about something. Fair enough but the crying thing was genuinely an issue to me.

I was frustrated believe it or not back then that I was unable to cry in general. I only did it when I watched sad movies (so the potential was there) but I couldn't seem to do it in real life.

Sorry if this is a bad example but it's the first that comes to mind. You know when a person has food poisoning and they're uncomfortable yet knowing they would feel better once its out of their system?

Crying is like laughter though they come from a different place yet they have similar outcomes. They're a release. It makes us aware of our humanity. It reminds us quite wonderfully, even painfully that we're only human.

If you can't laugh or cry, chances are you're really blocked. And its not a good way to be because things can bottle up. I logically knew I was a sensitive, emotional soul but it was really hard to cry. Bad things happened or significant events like break ups but I couldn't really cry about it (even though the feeling was there and I even wanted to).

Like I said, that was seriously years ago and I feel more balanced and at ease now that I have become more in touch with my own feelings. It seems easier to let it flow rather than to hold back whatever emotion it is.

Mind you, I've never had any trouble in the laughing department. So much so, there are acquaintances who think I'm never "down" coz I laugh a lot.

Of course I have down days. We all do but I couldn't fool this kung fu looking taxi driver. Wow. He was such a spin out. Made me wonder about that expression "angels come in many forms and guises" coz he raised my spirits just by talking to me and knowing exactly what to say (I don't even know how but he could read me and he knew back then I had an issue with crying and was advising me to let go. It would make me feel better) I mean, who meets taxi drivers like this anyway? Weird isn't it?

You know, I'm always there for my friends if they have a problem but I hadn't spoken to anyone yet about the issue I had at the time, weighing me down.

After meeting him though, I didn't have to. He made a day which started off quite badly quite an inspiration. I got out of his cab in a very different mood from how I entered it. I was so grateful that he crossed my path :)


Anonymous said...

wow, that's pretty freaky! Rob

Jojo Struys said...

Freaky it was :)


Terri said...

It's beautifully mysterious :D

guaichaikid said...

such a rare kind of taxi driver....usually when the taxi driver open their mouth to people...they will only say rm20...rm50 for only a short least this one shows a bit of kindness inside instead of naming u a price when u r down....cheer up jojo..xD

TOLANIC said...

What a caring taxi driver which is very rare to find nowadays.

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