Sunday, March 29, 2009

What on earth is a hypno birth?

When people ask me when I'm going to have a baby, I usually say, "I've already got 3!" but my girlfriends who've become mothers just roll their eyes "I know you love your pugs Jo but it's not quite the same thing"

Having said that, it's good practice to bring up and nurture my 3 beloved pugs. For me, it's the closest thing for now to having children. I really couldn't say when I might become a Mum because it's not the right time for me. One day la I'm sure it's gonna happen ;)

My childhood girlfriend Sharifah opted for something called a hypno birth. I wonder if I'd be that brave to go without any painkillers or drugs. She had to train for it. You need to be really mentally prepared so she did breathing exercises and yoga leading up to the pregnancy.

Self hypnosis placed her in a relaxed state such that she would feel no pain during the process. In fact, she even enjoyed it. Quite far out right? but it's amazing what the mind can do.

She wasn't screaming out through the contractions. Instead, she was really calm because she was able to "shut off" the extreme pain via hypnosis. You know, I heard of an Irish surgeon who's patients were under hypnosis while he conducted full on surgery without the use of general anasthesia. Actually, I don't even need to look that far. Just look at the Thaipusam festival we have here every year with all those needles in them shudder yet apparently, they feel nothing.

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The inspiring "food for thought" to ponder on is that the mind is so powerful. The same power it has to stress you out is the same mind that can put you at ease. Stress and pain can be controlled and minimised if you keep the body and mind fit. I've been told it's so important to stay in a positive space when you're pregnant not even for your own sake but for the child as well.

Every new parent I've spoken to have said that your life changes completely and it's a 24/7 responsibility but they also say that they have no regrets because it's such a beautiful gift with all the joys and challenges it brings.

Babies have this natural ability to transport us into the present moment. Just look at the father's face (Bill, on left) staring at his bundle of joy with such pride. It has been so interesting to see my old friend Farhana (happy Mum on right) grow and evolve as she steps into the shoes of being a new Mum. Of course, she has also asked "so Jo, when's your turn?"

I don't know the answer to that question but when the time comes, I'm sure I would start reading up on all sorts of stuff but there's only so much you can read. My girlfriends say you need to EXPERIENCE it to know what it's like coz "you just don't know till you go through it yourself" So, like I said, one day la ;)


Anonymous said...

beautiful babies. Hey, u sure you don't want one yet? ;)

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