Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey, how you doin??

Somehow when I run into Harith, I can't seem to take a serious photograph with him. I start doing all these goofy things. He brings it out in me ;) You know I truly believe that making someone laugh is one of the most difficult things to do and it's such a gift. I was telling Harith how many calories you can burn just from laughing. He said it doesn't work for him. He's probably too busy making everyone else laugh! ;)

I asked him if he gets NERVOUS before shows, "you know that moment when you walk out on stage just before you start your comedy act" and Harith said "I get nervous backstage everytime" but it goes away in a few seconds the moment he starts talking. I can relate to that. It's like a bit of an adrenalin rush and Harith was saying that the day he's not nervous at all could mean he's no longer challenged and that it's maybe time to try something else.

Being nervous can be a good thing if it doesn't make you freeze up. It can even make performers better because it's like a heightened state of awareness. I read somewhere that Beyonce said she was nervous if she WASN'T nervous before a show. If she was nervous, then she knew it was going to be a good show because all her senses would be alert and she was totally committed to giving her best performance.

Before I got based in KL, I met Hans in Singapore through some friends we had in common. I had no idea who he was. When he told me he was an actor, I just had to take his word for it ;) However, I ended up being based in KL and that's when I realised who Hans was. He seemed to be everywhere. I really didn't know anyone in KL when I first got here so when I had any work related questions, I would give him a buzz. I was really grateful he would take the time (usually on the go) to give me work advice on whether a job was under or over priced etc

I started to find my own way (that was years ago) but what's pretty funny is I wound up playing a cameo role on Cinta Luar Biasa with Apek, Nasha Aziz, Shani and Hans. And guess what? I was to play Han's bitchy girlfriend from KL ;0 I was in Langkawi for a few days just to shoot these couple of scenes. I simply had to show up on the beach (my girlfriend character) and start screaming at Hans in English when I saw him sitting there with Nasha Aziz (in the scene). I start accusing him in English but my very last line was in Malay "you boleh blah la" and I still remember everyone trying to help me pronounce that Malay line properly haha.

Apek is a funny fella. I met him just before I was about to start shooting this scene. At the time, I also had no idea who Apek was (now ofcourse I know isn't it? Who doesn't know Apek! :) Anyway, I introduced myself to him. He was sitting on a few wooden logs under a tree. For some reason, I remember this meeting very clearly because he was such a chilled out guy. I asked him what he was doing on the set (I know, I know! I was so duh, I tell you) and he said he wasn't doing anything. He was one of the crew boys just taking a break. Aiyo, then later on in the day, Hans properly introduces us and said he was on the main cast of the movie...what a joker the guy is! and I mean this really nicely :)


Anonymous said...

luv the foto wit you and Harith. Like comedians, u 2! ;-)

Julia Jackson said...

Hans is a hottie! Lucky you to get to hang out with all these guys.

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