Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Falling asleep in the strangest of places

The lady in the shop gave me a funny look while I was pouring my imaginary tea but before buying a tea pot, I wanted to see how it felt (how heavy or light etc) that's all. Nothing like actually trying a product to see if its up your street right?

Well, this wasn't as extreme as when I was looking for a mattress for my new home. I was fully attired and lying down on this one particular bed I couldn't afford in a furniture store. I was curious because the mattress was over RM12k (way out of my budget!) so I wanted to try it out.

I lay down on it and guess what? I actually fell asleep and the people working there didn't wake me up. Was the mattress THAT comfortable or was I THAT exhausted? Probably both.

My boyfriend who was meant to meet me at this furniture store was calling to say he was running late but I slept right through it. He was getting quite worried.

He reaches the store (it was one of those huge ones you see by the road taking up a whole warehouse). He starts describing me to a member of staff asking if anyone's seen me. The guy said he hadn't but to try the dining room section.

Of course I wasn't there either but when he got to the bedroom section, there I was sleeping in the exact same position I was in from the hour before.

I was so confused and disoriented when he woke me up. You know that moment when it takes a while for your brain to register where you are?

Well, it all came rushing back to me that I was furniture shopping. OMG, how embarrassing but the staff were so cool. They didn't bother me and didn't seem annoyed that I wasn't buying the bed either, phew!

I felt recharged as I left the store. A power nap when you're really tired can go a long way. They were all smiling away. I guess it's a compliment to the product that a customer fell asleep right away on one of their beds ;)

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Anonymous said...

man, that's embarrassing!

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