Saturday, March 14, 2009

Amber cracks me up!

The Shape Run at the Lake Gardens drew about 2000 participants. I was shocked so many people showed up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday to run either 5, 8 or 10kms. I opted for the 5km fun run which nearly killed me, I tell you. To start off with, I had to be there at 630am sharp and my eyelids were finding it difficult to stay open.

Hey, that's my cameraman, Adam from Health Buzz.

He had to film my back for the opening intro of the Health Buzz segment

All the ex cover girls had to run with their cover on their backs. Great idea in theory but bit embarrassing la in practise ;)

Sham, Jay and I were giving out free music CD's from MIX fm

It was an incredible turn out but no worries on the "scary number of people in the race" coz I was in the fun run which had no prizes anyway but Daphne noticed I scooted off so quickly at the start. She was teasing me on being "kiasu" I know, I know, it was just a fun run but I was trying to see if I could do it without stopping. The long flight of stairs made that impossible tho. What a killer!

Just as well I did all that stretching before the race or my calves would've cramped up when I was climbing those torturous stairs.

At the finishing line, Amber appeared out of nowhere looking fresh as a daisy. I was confused because I hadn't seen her earlier.

Jay, Daphne Iking and I were red in the face and utterly exhausted so we asked Amber what race she was in and she said "oh, I just arrived. I ran for at least 5 mins all the way from the car park!" We burst out laughing. Jay was saying "aiya, no wonder your mascara is not even smudged" I would've laughed harder but I was so tired. It was really good of her to show up but she missed the entire run! For the rest of us, we had just enough energy (Amber had heaps) to take a few snap shots :)

You know there was this one time I had to say a few lines in Mandarin which I don't speak at all for a TVC. I figured I'd ask Amber for help. How hard can it be, right? I had NO idea it would take me so long to accurately pronounce just a paragraph of Mandarin. She agreed to meet me at a cafe for lunch. A few hours later with a lot of giggles in between with all my numerous mistakes, we were still there and I was really struggling with all the tones. Amber was so patient with me. She took time out to bring me through the script. She even recorded her voice so I could listen to it at home as a guide. I told her to please come to me if she needed any help whatsoever in English. I'm glad I was able to return the favour not too long after our "Mandarin episode" because she needed some help to plan an English speech for one of her endorsements. She's improved so much from when I first met her! Wish I could say that about my non-existent Mandarin ;)

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