Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm NOT his girlfriend

I was sitting in a restaurant in Singapore and the waitress says to my father "what will your lady like to drink?" As if I don't have a voice to order my own drink. She simply assumed I was his mistress or girlfriend. I couldn't totally blame her because Dad looks more like an ang moh so we don't really look like we're related but STILL....uuugh!!! (choking sounds)

It was a downright unpleasant feeling to be pigeon holed into a "good time girl" box. I decided not to say anything (though I was itching to correct her) and calmly ordered my orange juice.

It occurred to me that there was no need to say anything at all because my Mum was about to join us and she would realize she'd made a mistake.

Mum breezes in and says to me cheerfully while the waitress was serving our drinks, "have you ordered Mum anything?"

I chuckle inwardly when her eyes dart to my Mum and then back to me and I can almost hear her thinking "ohhhh, she's his daughter"

You know it's crazy how many dirty stares I've had over the years when I'm alone with my father. I've told him before he'll ruin my reputation by doing nothing at all haha. Just walking through a mall with me is bad enough.

Perhaps I need to walk round with a sign board with an arrow pointing toward him which says "that's my Dad in case you were wondering" :)


Papa Jack said...

hey sis! :) haha... ur dad looks so healthy and great... but certainly more ang moh than u! :P hehe... of coz u r not his girlfriend but his lil' girl... :)

jeremy said...

yeah its a stereotype that middle age, rich ang mohs have a few local nubile mistresses on tow - which is not without its cause. i do know a couple of malaysian girls who ONLY date white men (with the exception of one or two local boys in their romantic history) that i feel this has been going on too long. insecurity perhaps?

i fully agree that the waitress is stupid but at the same time, im saddened as reinforces the concept of superiority of a certain skin type. its time to get out of that mindset!

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