Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do dogs watch TV?

My pug Pickle is the only one who actively does this. For one, she reacts to her own reflection (the other 2 pugs don't even know it's them if you put their faces in front of a mirror). Pickle also faces the TV when it's on and her whole body language seems to suggest she's watching! One time, I was reaching for the remote control and she ducked her head from under my arm because I was obstructing her view of the TV! Wow. It wasn't a coincidence then. She really was tuned in and watching whatever was on.

I've never seen anything like it. I've had so many dogs and they react to the occasional loud noise but nothing more. Pickle is unusual. She seems just as involved as I am watching a drama!

The weirdest thing was the other day. She barked for the first time at the TV set. She's never done it before and believe me, I've watched every season of Prison Break with her in total silence. Even destruction and bombs going off don't phase her.

She barked because she could make out that there was another dog on screen! The others only bark if they HEAR a bark coming out of the TV set, fair enough right but she could actually see the dog and she lept off the sofa and ran to the console and started barking at it.

And she's the only one who has this 3 dimensional vision (that's what I've been calling it coz the others don't "see" or make out the pictures on screen). I was on my lap top one night and she was on my lap so I wondered if she would react to a silent dog video I found on U tube and she tried to attack my screen. Her paws reached into thin air trying to get the dog's attention. It was really funny! :)

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pop said...

thats cute =D

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