Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rod Stewart LIVE in Singapore

It was really good fun going to this concert with Greta. She is really "out there" Can you imagine she was once sitting with my parents and me listening to some LIVE music at a hotel lounge in Singapore when my Mum commented "Greta, you should be on stage, girl. Why don't you go up there and sing a song?" Now, the average person would just say "no la, but thanks anyway Aunty" sort of thing. Not Greta. She's not the average person. She grins at my Mum, grabs my hand and marches me over to the band. I'm panicking, thinking to myself "She can't be serious. Wow. She's just gonna get up there and start singing to all these hotel guests??? I wouldn't be caught dead singing in public but mind you, I can't sing and I know Greta can but what guts!"

So there we were waiting to have a word with the band who thought (like other hotel guests) that we were simply making a song request. I say to them "Uhm, my friend wants to sing a song. Is this possible?" As it turns out, they were delighted to have her on stage. They even introduced her with a flourish. People in the lounge stopped talking and the chatter died down. Suddenly, all eyes were on the stage wondering what was happening.

She takes me on stage with her. A stage is not foreign to me but I only sing in the shower or to my pugs (not humans and certainly not to so many in this elegant hotel lounge staring at us). I felt so uncomfortable because I was standing there next to her and there was NO WAY I was going to sing. The glass could break know what I mean? so what was I doing up here again? :-o

Greta starts singing "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes and the band is supporting her. I decide to be her back-up dancer to make myself useful and it was seriously better for me to be dancing than standing stock still. So there I was swaying gently from left to right with a bright smile on my face (actually I was nervous for my friend but I should've known better. There was no need to be. This was Greta we were talking about remember? :) Can you imagine she starts waving her hands in the air for emphasis and reaching out to emphasize certain notes with an incredible amount of passion. She was not only NOT shy while she was singing this song, she started pacing around confidently with mic in hand like a real pro!

The lounge fell silent totally captivated by her voice. She was a guest and this was an unexpected display of raw talent. Her voice was powerful and she hit the notes with no issues at all. At this point, I'm thinking to myself, perhaps the band is feeling less generous for allowing her to go on stage in case she replaces their jobs haha (but to give them credit, they're smiling away obviously impressed ;)

So when I had a spare ticket to Rod Stewart in concert last weekend, Greta was the first person I thought of coz she appreciates all kinds of live performances. Not to mention, deep down there was a singer buried in her which is why it all came so naturally :)

It was really nice to see people of all ages out for this concert and it was a sell-out. Rod Stewart mentioned how appreciative he was that people came out to watch his concert in a recession.

In the middle of the performance, Rod Stewart introduced his 21 year old daughter, Ruby on stage as a surprise element. I didn't even know he had a daughter. She was a bit nervous (goodness, I would be singing to such a large crowd) but she had a really nice voice and is also a model for an underwear brand, can you imagine? I dont have a shot so you'll have to look her up. Looks like she's following in her father's footsteps minus the modelling la ;)

When people were shouting for more at the end, this showed up on screen. Pretty darn funny so there was no encore, go figure. I think he really did leave the building! ;)

A lot of songs had elements of the violin and saxophone in it. They also did some solos which showcased their individual talents. Really beautiful instruments and his guitarist was super talented.

It's kinda hard to believe Rod Stewart is born in 1945. Wow and he was still really active on stage at 64! It was great hearing "Sailing" and "Have I Told You Lately" It surprised me how many songs I knew he sang but gotta expect it. He's been around for a really long time so he's had that many famous hits under his belt :)

Bit of a traffic jam getting to the Singapore Indoor Stadium...but since we parked pretty far away, we were on foot so no problem at all!


Anonymous said...

I was there ! His daughter ruby stewart also did a couple of songs! She was like her dad ...husky voice.

Anonymous said...

Hey jojo,
I saw u yesterday at the Jason Mraz concert:) GG

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was at the concert too! Expensive tickets ....but worth every cent! Beng

Greta Georges said...

Hey Jo :)) it is great getting up on stage with you. of course I will do it anytime again and you rocked it out with me. Cheers for the concert was hilarious and bolts of fun. Especially seeing how the crowd reacted when balls were thrown in the air and it went a bit sideways for some.

Best Classifieds said...

We love Rod Stewart for he has touched the lives of billions worldwide.
Oh, yes, finally we see the long awaited Ruby shines.
May the legend's legacy continues.

Best wishes,

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