Friday, March 20, 2009

Hosting with four legged friends!

It's not everyday I get to host an event in sneakers surrounded by wild animals. I really loved it! I'm glad I plucked up the courage to touch the python coz I'm definitely quite scared of snakes...ooh, he was slithering everywhere, yikes!

And so many of them were just walking around at Sunway's Wildlife park. This ranger reminded me of a character right out of a dinosaur flick...yeah, both of them actually, iguana included! ;)

It was cool how you could walk right up to these animals and interact with them.
I found it quite intriguing how the monitor lizard's legs were quite fat and sturdy looking. Every time I've ever seen one, it's always scuttling into some bush so it was nice having the time to observe it's markings up close and personal.

This was such an adorable gibbon. He had realyl long hand which felt just like human hands and he let me hold his hand without any complaints. I couldn't believe how similar it felt to a human palm in terms of texture :)

I used to ride horses (big horses) until I fell off one at breakneck pace. It was really frightening and I'm lucky I didn't break any bones. I haven't managed to find the guts to get back on a horse since but I absolutely respect and love the beauty of horses. One day, I'm sure I may ride again but it was good baby step for me to start bonding with a minuature first lol ;)

The kids loved it. Sure beats being in a classroom. Much better to learn about animals like this rather than from a book...makes you really appreciate them when you're up this close and you can form a connection with them.

You see they were pointing at some birds flying around and can you imagine a cuckatoo just landed on my arm and walked down it like a branch. Can you see it perched on my hand?

I think it was talking but I dont know what the cuckatoo was saying because the kids were making so much noise haha

It's kind of hard to imagine a peacock that was this size a few feet away from me one moment could suddenly look like....

THIS in the very next moment...Wow. It was really stunning and all the feathers started to make a sound. It was vibrating as it fanned out. Hard to describe. It was like a whirr..while showing off to another bird this peacock was trying to impress. I'd like to think it opened up for me but no such thing! hehe, I wasn't desirable in his books ;)

then, all of a sudden, this gorgeous display turned its back on me and I got worried I had scared it off or worse, that it got angry with me but it was just strolling toward its new love interest phew!

Had a lot of fun out at Sunway's interactive zoo. Who would think it was home to about 100 or so rare animals in there?


Anonymous said...

Pictures look really great. Most people who go to zoos can only look through the glass.

Your site looks wonderful.

Are there any movie plans for you any time soon?


Serge Norguard said...

believe it.

Though it is sad to say that the mindset of most ppl in malaysia about the zoo and such is terrible

DC said...

It's a good experience!

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