Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Green screen

The floor and the walls are seamless so you can put in any background or walking surface later on in post production

It took us the whole day to shoot the opening montage of Health Buzz even though it's only 30 seconds long. Every aspect of the moving background had to be carefully mapped out on a grid... Jehan and I kept moving around till they had us standing exactly where they wanted us

Studying my Malay lines as usual hoping I'm pronouncing everything right. I was always with my trusted piece of paper. It took me a while to get used to this. In English, I don't use a script at all. I just go with it. Malay was a challenge...hope you can all bear with me on it ;)

Hardly the same size in biceps but hey, I was trying ok...

The cyclist just kept cycling back and forth on this diagonal and he had to get the speed just right so he wouldn't look too blur on screen.

The yoga experts did some really advanced moves. Everyone watched them quietly in case we disturbed their concentration, especially on those balancing poses...

I ran out to the edge of the green screen whenever I had the chance. It's so hot under those lights that you could fry an egg. It's a burn zone. You know like the big lights they use for skincare ads? Pretty similar. I shot one years ago and my shirt became drenched, like I was in a sauna. I couldn't believe how sweltering it was. That's why everyone looks so flawless but bet you they're all so uncomfortable while they're at it! ;)

This is my soundman, Tony. Always listening to his headphones and nodding away...

Anna and Bathi kickboxing. In the actual 30 sec montage of Health Buzz, everything is white.

That's why you can't use any green clothing for this. You'd disappear into the background. For blue screens, you have to totally avoid blue for the same reasons.

She was moving pretty fast. We caught some great footage of her...

Bathi blocking his face...

The kids were so cute! I found them absolutely adorable. They all looked so tiny in there but they kicked with precision and made all those grunting noises. They were quite serious, don't mess!


ScubaDoo said...

Really impressive work, and thanks for giving me an opportunity to take a look "behind the scenes" which makes me appreciate your work even more!

ScubaDoo said...

Really great stuff! I've got to agree with ScubaDoo - thanks for taking me "behind the scenes" too!!! Really provides us with an eye opener to see all the work you put into the programme.

Julia Jackson said...

Hey there Scuba Doo...its are the two of you doing? Yeah, aren't those shots really kool?! I agree with you both, we should all go diving soon.

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