Friday, March 27, 2009

Lights Out!

Earth Hour is happening on Saturday 28th of March from 8.30pm to 930pm. I will be tap dancing with percussion at Cap Square.It's alright if you don't "see" me all that clearly in the dark coz I'll have my tap shoes on so at least you'll hear me hehe ;) All proceeds of everything that's happening that night will be donated to the WWF. If you'd like to speed date by candle light, do the charity walk or jump onto stage and have me teach you a tap step, please come by!

Earth Hour was created by WWF in 2007 where it had about 2.2 million homes and businesses turning off their non essential lights and appliances. By 2008, there were 35 million participants across 400 cities round the world on all 7 continents. This year, they're trying to target a billion!

Major landmarks round the world are turning off their lights...

The famous colloseum in Rome in complete darkness for Earth Hour last year

Sydney Opera House in Australia

The beautiful Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, USA

According to WWF Thailand, the amount that Bangkok decreased electricity usage by during Earth Hour was equivalent to 41.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide! Can you imagine the energy savings? And that's just Thailand so please do your bit. If you're home, turn off your lights. You may think it's not much help but it ALL adds up!

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