Friday, January 22, 2010

Cameras rolling......action!

We were shooting Niki Cheong for Project Alpha this morning (it's hard to believe he's older than 30) Well, I wanted to interview someone close to him to get the low down *wink* and Niki had the perfect special guest on set who's known him almost forever and she's also family. Some of you may or may not know this but Elaine Daly (below) and Niki Cheong are first cousins!

"So tell me Elaine, what was he like as a kid? any embarrassing stories.....?" and there were sooo many interesting insights about these cousins (she calls him by his Chinese name by the way ;). On the surface, you may not think they have a lot in common coz they seem really different but they're in sync on fashion, relationships (just wait for the ep to come out la! you'll see what I mean ;) More on Niki later on....
I then rushed to cover the Adidas Stella McCartney event to interview Ninie Ahmad who is one of the brand ambassadors of Adidas and she's also one of our Season 2 bloggers.

Amber Chia who also does yoga was telling me that she recently watched 'The Secret' 
She was really inspired by it and she now really believes in the power of positive thinking. 

Ninie Ahmad posing with the models. Somehow, she's managed to get them to do semi yoga poses in high heels.

Fauziah Ghous will probably kill me for this but I really wanna run her bloopers. So cute la...she kept cracking me up, the crew too because every time she fluffed a line, she would start giggling. 
I interviewed Jessica (brand manager of Adidas Malaysia) on why they picked Ninie Ahmad as their brand ambassador and she was telling me how hardworking and dedicated Ninie was. Though Jessica works on Adidas clothing, she also likes Adidas Fragrance particularly their shower gel :)

Ninie said we must come to her open day at Be Yoga tomorrow. She's trying to break the Malaysian Book of Records for no. of people standing on their heads! There's also gonna be a yoga/limbo competition. This I have to see!

Talk about living and breathing the yoga life. Ninie was just talking to someone about yoga and before you know it, she's kicking off her high heel shoes and I see her standing on her head!  
I was told she never really stops doing yoga. Well, I believe it now. I bet if you ran into her at a party, you could ask for a demo and she'll probably do one for you on the spot *chuckle*

Well, I'm gonna try her hot yoga class in the morning. Never done hot yoga before. Wish me luck!! I'm sure my make up might start melting off while filming her tomorrow yikes! It's gonna be tough but I'm really looking forward to it. 

I'll be multi tasking! Filming Project Alpha but working out at the same time. If I have a break in between classes or scenes, I promise I'll get my P1 Wiggy out and start uploading the shots. Ok, I better hit the sack. Long day ahead. Nightey all! zzz  :)


Hayley said...

I always like to read Ninie's blog. she's really great in yoga!

good luck dear for your yoga session! ;)

kruel74 said...

Wow! Yoga will really get hotter with all those models around. N now u will be joining...

Joshu@law said...

Can't wait to see the Project Alpha Season 2! =D

Anonymous said...

Saw you at the Adidas event! Looking good! Daphne had some sexy gear on as well!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such articles. I love to read stories like that. Just add more pics :)

Ms Pame™ said...

Oh.I love Stella McCartney!

Anonymous said...

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KY said...

where's your headstand pics jojo!

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