Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shooting Azwan Ali on Project Alpha

I really didn't know what to expect when I first met Azwan Ali but I knew within a few seconds of meeting him, that I wanted him on Project Alpha. For good or for bad, he was the stuff of reality TV. He had great camera presence and he really makes an entrance.
On Project Alpha (uncovering Malaysia's top bloggers),they all come from diversely different walks of life but there was no one quite like him on the show. Actually, I must correct myself. I'm not sure if I know anyone personally like Azwan. Period haha ;) 
Goodness, he told us he was expecting 100 celebrities at his event. I thought it was just a figure of speech. He wasn't kidding! There were so many that I lost count! We asked everyone we could find what they thought of Azwan Ali! ;)
Diana Danielle in the make up chair who told me she saw me on Pillow Talk, gosh, she must've been like 13? coz I think she's only 18 now ;) She was really accommodating and sweet with the whole crew and she had a lot of positive things to say about Azwan. This wasn't the case with everyone *chuckle* but that's what makes Azwan such an interesting character. Very colourful indeed! ;)

It was great having Redmummy there as well. I wanted a blogger to help me cover the event especially coz my Malay is not strong so she was my co host for this segment and we went around together interviewing everyone :)

Mawi and his wife Ekin (above) and Hans Isaac (below) telling us that they had no idea what Azwan was up to. Many were speculating on whether it was a gimmick la or one of Azwan's 
grand jokes ;) Amy (below) really doesn't look his age.

Actually, no one knew what the purpose of the event was. Even though we were covering it, we also didn't know! It's exactly what Azwan wanted. 

That's why he labelled this event "full of secrets" There were 7 secrets in total he was unveiling and him being on Project Alpha was one of them. Project Alpha Season 2 has the same main sponsor returning which is Adidas Fragrance yay!

We now also have P1 W1max as our official broadband sponsor :) Redmummy and I asked the celebs to tell us what they're passionate about in a short, simple message to cam. A lot of them spoke about saving the environment. It was interesting to see what's closest to their heart. Hans naturally cares about marine life as a diver, Aznil spoke about children, Syafinaz Selamat on Aids etc etc. 

We interviewed so many celebs. There were so many heartwarming messages. Once they're all nicely edited and compiled, you can catch them all on Ruumz Causes Since I asked everyone what they thought of Azwan, I thought I'd leave you with a few words of my own :) Excuse my bare face. All my Rimmel make up from the shoot (thank you A Cut Above team) has all been cleansed off coz I'm bout to hit the sack. Been shooting since 730am.

I'm on set right now at Sunway's Lost World of Tambun returning tomorrow. I held a python today in the petting zoo yikes!! Next week, we are flying to Kuching and Sabah but next month, guess what????? Project Alpha will be flying to London (Malaysia Airlines official flight sponsor) to cover an exclusive story! I can't wait but I'm gonna have to get some serious winter wear brrr and when the show goes LIVE, you will see and hear it on ERA fm, HITZ radio/tv/online, and the dailychilli 


kruel74 said...

To London? Wow! There must be some famous Malaysian blogger living there

Dylan Phuah said...

good luck in filming Project Alpha 2. I'm sure it's gonna be great!

Anonymous said...


KY said...

proper fehmes! can't wait to meet em

goingkookies said...

London?? wonder who could that be... sounds like an interesting year ahead for you! =)

Looking gorgeous as ever. Envy! hehe

Cath J said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun!

JAI said...

Mmmm..naik juling mata tengok artis ramai..anyway gud luck and all the best for the alpha project 2..

Anonymous said...

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