Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm not wearing 5 layers anymore! :)

What I love about traveling is it transports you to a different world from the one you know every single time and it does this so effortlessly because everything which seems so normal to everyone in their own backyard may be a competely novel experience to what we're used to from street signs to different language accents, unusual buildings and the way people dress.

When I was in England these last few weeks filming Project Alpha (and then staying on for a much needed break) I totally marvelled at seeing snow because I hadn't really seen any in more than 20 years. I loved how it covered the rooftops and city streets reminding me of Xmas. I didn't mind wearing gloves and hats because I was just a visitor passing through enjoying all these differences but now that I'm back in KL, I'm actually appreciating all the tiniest of things I've taken for granted like wearing open toe shoes or a pair of high heels which would've been totally impractical in the freezing cold. 
I remember opening my cupboard thinking "wow, I could wear whatever I wanted to in this heat, even a short skirt and not freeze to death!" lol It's been nice being able to wear slippers and leave my house in a t shirt...all these ridiculously simple things we don't think twice about because we take our tropical weather for granted. In fact, the moment I returned, people were lamenting on how crazy hot it's been in KL and I bet I'll be complaining about the heat anytime soon too but for now, I'm loving it! So much warmth after so much cold is a nice change!

That's the trick, I think. If you're not feeling happy about your current situation (and I'm not talking about weather) or you're experiencing boredom in your everyday life, take yourself out of the situation, even if it's just for a few days. Sometimes seeing everything with a new pair of eyes makes you return with a different perspective. For me, a holiday changes my environment enough to slow down the usual pace of my life and helps me stop and smell the roses so to speak so I tend to appreciate everything more, no matter how small :) 


KY said...

those are very nice photos!

kruel74 said...

Yes, a break is always great

Dylan Phuah said...

i second KY's statement.

Abby Kok said...

So true!!
I was in the UK for 3 years and I remembered thinking about the warm weather in Msia, shorts, skirts and sandals when I was there!
Glad to be back :)

David said...


You had some great trips!

We miss the warmth of summer here, Michigan at 43N.

-4C outside, and that is as warm as it will be today.

Snow on the ground and more coming tonight.

Have fun in KL.


Anonymous said...

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kenwooi said...

i rather wear multiple layers of clothes in UK than wearing a piece here in Msia..

i rather shiver than sweat! =P

bicyclecrazy said...

i love travelling and....being able to wear different kind of outfits

ahmad said...


Julian Si said...

Great shots :-)

Remember meeting you some years ago at a club in Heritage Row, Black and Bling event hosted by Malaysian Today, remember :-)

Anyways, HAPPY EASTER from the Middle East :-)

Anonymous said...


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