Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project Alpha in London Part 2

I am so relieved I got this furry head piece at Camden town coz it helps to block the wind factor. Without anything on your head, your ears can get really cold super fast. Where's your beanie Niki?

I love a good ole English breakfast and we had one every day before leaving the hotel.
Ming was a fabulous host. He took us to Borough Market which was fascinating.
It was alive with outdoor cooking, food lovers and people buying groceries.
Apparently, Jamie Oliver n Gordon Ramsay from Hell's kitchen also buy ingredients from this famous food market!
We then headed off to Stamford Bridge to film football fans going to the Chelsea vs Arsenal game.
It was such a sight to see travellers on the tube with their dogs! They were all so dignified and well behaved (again I wondered whether my own pugs would travel with such nonchalance or composure) yet thinking about it, I reckon they would embarrass me, wide eyed like country bumpkins coz my dogs have never boarded public trains haha
These HD cameras were darn heavy n we wouldn't wanna knock anyone on the train with it so thx David n Mike for babysitting the cams n allowing our cameramen to have a break!
Moment we got off the train, we heard the football fans singing in the street. It was an incredible atmosphere and they're obviously all passionate about their favourite teams.
The police kept a watchful eye on the crowd for safety. There were tonnes of police in the area on foot and on horses. There were heaps of Chelsea fans down the strip selling Chelsea football stuff.

Xiaxue was saying she felt out of place amongst these hard core football fans so she was mighty relieved when we left for dinner :)
U know how we are often relieved to get inside a building coz it's so hot and humid on the streets? Well, same relief to be indoors here but just the reverse scenario. People are not scrambling into buildings for their air cons but heaters instead to get warm ;)

It's a wrap, yay!!!! Filming for Project Alpha Season 2 is done but now post production begins! It's gonna take hours n hours in post to edit soooo much footage but I find the process really interesting, almost addictive coz time slips by without you feeling it in an editing suite. Editing powerfully influences how the story is told n at least I don't have to be wearing any make up in post production since it's all behind the scenes! :)

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Sholee said...

It looks freezing cold brrrr!

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of the guards on the horses. Don't mess!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun! Jealous!!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

You've chosen a cold time to visit the UK but welcome anyway & enjoy your stay!

Brigante said...

You will need to show us some videos of the snow :)heard it is snowing quite alot now.

Michelle Chin said...

Wow so awesome. Envy envy. I wish I could go to London someday.

Claudia Lawrence said...

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