Friday, June 26, 2009

Celebrities who left us too soon...

I'm at home watching MTV and all Michael Jackson's old videos are playing right now. It's making me sentimental. Death is so final and as usual, it always serves as a reminder to all of us to not waste our own lives.

Justin Timberlake wrote on his site, "We have lost a genius and a true ambassador of not only Pop music but of all music. He has been an inspiration to multiple generations and I will always cherish the moments I shared with him on stage and all of the things I learned about music from him and the time we spent together. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones"

Whenever someone dies young, it really hits us coz we just don't expect it. Especially when you've seen them in print, TV or films, larger than life. Let's take a walk down memory lane...

James Dean died when he was only 24. He was breathing heavily from the scene of the car crash and put into an ambulance but he didn't make it and was pronounced dead on arrival.

On Jan 22nd 2008, Heath Ledger was found dead in his bedroom. He was only 28. I used to study in Perth and I have a couple of guy friends who went to school with Heath. It was such a shock to hear of his sudden death.

On Aug 31st, 1997, Princess Diana passed away. She was only 36. She was one of the first public figures photographed touching a person infected with HIV, changing public opinions on AIDs sufferers

Princess Di once said "I think the biggest disease the world suffers from is the disease of people feeling unloved. Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children"

On August 25, 2001, Aaliyah and crew completed filming the music video for "Rock The Boat" in the Bahamas islands. They originally had a flight scheduled for the following day, but Aaliyah and her entourage were eager to return to the US due to the filming finishing early, so they demanded that their heavy equipment be on the plane rather than leave it behind. It resulted in the aircraft being well beyond the standard weight and balance tolerance provided by a Cessna aircraft.

The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, about 200 feet (60 m) from the runway. It's really sad. Aaliyah was only 22 and she was scheduled to be filmed for the sequel of the Matrix as the character "Zee" after she finished shooting "Queen of The Damned" but who could've predicted her death?

It's important to make the very most of our lives coz "Life is short" and for some, even shorter than others. Aaliyah once said, "You have to love what you do to want to do it every day"


Adrian said...

There r just too many celebs who left too soon.

Steve Irwin, Christopher Reeves, Tupac, Kurt Kobain, Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, Elvis, Michael Hutchence, Anna Nicole Smith, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Marilyn Monroe, John F Kennedy & John F Kennedy Jr, Chris Farley.

And now MJ. Also not forgetting that Farrah Fawcett just left a few hours b4 MJ.

Husen said...

don't la forget one of our own.. Sudirman (I tried cari some more from Internet, wah but very hard to find leh)..

Tekkaus said... seems that there is a curse behind of this death. Don't you agree? MJ's demise is really shocking to all of us. Let's with all the best for his family. =(

Igniz said...

Sometimes, i think i'm gonna die young, too..

because i eat whatever i like, and most of them are junk and fast food..huhu..

but i'm no celebrity.

JD said...

freddy mercury....Queen is never the same without him...He is Queen...Steady Freddy....

shazat said...

When actually someone is considered 50 years old of age, MJ is considered old man..agree?

Robb Sempurai said...

I always had this funny thought...that i will die young and handsome :)

mustaffa said...

life is live it up.
-Nikita S. Kruschev-

Mysterious Witch said...

no matter at what age we're going to die, at least we once lived in this world. :)

Pauline Yap said...

the article is inspirational, thanks Jojo.

ahmad said...

its monday and mj vids still play at mtv and v channel all day as a that moonwalk is so cool...

Hayley said...

Life is that fragile and unexpected. the death at such a young age really makes us ponder on what LIFE is actually?? it makes us think that every single seconds is important cos we'll never know what's gonna happen tomorrow..
so, appreciate everything we have right now and enjoy life.
take care jojo.

ang said...

Death is a natural part of life, no one can be certain of when, where and how Death will meet us. Beings die every moment. Most of the time such deaths have no effect on us. Why? It is because we do not know them. But say the dead person is one of the people that you know, a friend or colleague or even a superstar. Most of the people would feel a “loss.” Now if the person is your bitter enemy, do you still feel the same?

There is practically nothing one can do to bring the dead back. So what is there is lament? Why not spend the energy to do something else, say help some people who needs help?

Here is some saying to ponder upon. Sorry, I cannot recall who the author is.

“What we are today is the result of our past actions;
Whatever we wish to be in the future depends on our present actions;
Decide how you have to act now.

We are responsible for what we are, whatever we wish ourselves to be.
We have the choice to make ourselves.

Whatever you give in life, it gives you back.
Do not hate anybody.
The hatred which comes out from you will someday comeback to you.
Shower loving-kindness to others
And loving-kindness will comeback to you.

The most difficult phase of life
Is not when no one understands you;
It is when you don’t understand life’s phenomenon itself.
The eight vicissitudes of life!

Living beings will experience
Happiness and Sadness;
Loss and Gain;
Praise and Blame;
Fame and Obscurity.

So do not be afraid to face your difficulties.
Neither should you be lofty
When success come your way.
As these are nature’s fleeting way.

Remember you are born a human being
And not as an animal nor a bug
So live a mindful life
Before death claims its prey!”

Jojo Struys said...

Adrian, wow, what a comprehensive list. Spot on!

Jojo Struys said...

don't say that Igniz :(

Ang, what a profoundly deep explanation! And the whole loving kindness thing. Goodness knows, we could all do with trying to be more positive..

Hayley, it's true. We should make every second count

Mysterious witch! nice comment. Short n to the point

Jojo Struys said...

yup, I agree JD. Queen just ain't Queen without Freddy Mercury

ahmad, how can anyone forget MJ's signature moonwalk? so smooth! ;)

thx as usual everyone for all your comments!Really enjoyed reading them :)

so meaningful too...

Kit Keat Bar said...

life really is short. celebrity's death amplifies the message that life is short because they are public figures. a while ago, a dad of my best friend's father passed away so sudden... i was shocked and sadden by that incident and vowed from that day onwards.. i will maximize whatever time i have after work to do the stuff that i like.. I feel energized that way... live your life to the fullest people! no regrets!

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