Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The "natural" look

I know a lot of guys who say they like the "natural look" without realizing that it may be using just as much make-up as a fully made-up face. It's just that the natural look would use more natural colours or pale pink tones compared to deeper, darker colours to create a more "attitude" look.

When a face is shot so close up, creating a flawless natural look is quite a challenge to make sure everything is equal on both sides. On this shoot, the make up artist had to keep running back and forth to balance Amber and my eye brows until she got it just right.

Smoky eyes can make the eye look bigger, more deep set. When I take my make up off after a shoot, I always clean one side first before the other and that's when I realise how much difference the make up made. Makes me feel like a cartoon character out of balance with one big eye and one tiny one ;)

There's no doubt about it that make up enables us to radically change our looks far more than the opposite sex (but fellas, ur welcome to borrow my make up kit if you ever have a fancy dress hehe)

It's important not to lose the plot though. Make up is like a mask. You wear it to a party and you had a lot of fun in character but go home just as "you" and make sure you find a guy who can see past the colours, no matter how gorgeous your face has been painted coz he shouldn't be there for the mask. That's perishable and just a cleanser and wash basin away. He better be there for "you" :)


Tekkaus said...

Sure enough lots of guys love the -so-called natural look. The same applies to me.

I agree with you Jojo. At the end of the day, make up is just a mask you put on the make you look better or perfect. But it is also important to find someone who can see your heart rather than your flawless superficial "skin". =)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Well-written Jojo. Alot of people when going for a wedding shoot kept insisting they want a "natural look" and got upset when the make-up artist slap on thick layers of foundation and make-up and the bride-to-be will brush them off saying "NO NO, i want natural look!" and getting annoyed. I guess they look in the magazine and see all those beautiful flawless skin that the model has and thought no make-up has been applied not realising it takes alot of effort to look like that (as in alot of effort for the make-up artist).

I love reading your thoughts, so very refreshing!

Igniz said...


Jojo Struys said...

thx Tsu Lin, you sound almost like a make up artist, like you really get it hehe :)

Jojo Struys said...

yup Tekkaus and Igniz, unless the girl has really good skin and natural colour, chances are the natural look still uses make-up.

there's nothing wrong with it but don't assume natural means no make up at all la unless you've seen my hospital shots (now that's totally natural. Not a squeak of course ;)

Anonymous said...

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