Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beautiful guys

Well, I had an awesome massage on my last night in Bangkok. They used heated herbal balls on my aching shouders, lower back...hmmm, was def transported into another world. Was so incredibly relaxed that it was hard to get off the bed when it was over. I had to smile when the therapist said to me "sir, ok now we are finid" ;)

I saw some "beautiful guys" on the way back in their glitzy dresses. When I used to model here, so many of the transvestitite make up artists had beautiful breasts and immaculate false eye lashes and were really good with make-up. Impressive considering they're all men to begin with.

I've forgotten how many he-she's there are in this country. There was a really attractive one at the airport, very slim, dressed like a corporate executive and much nicer to male tourists than me at the internet lounge haha ;)

Can you imagine, I read somewhere that there's a school in Chiang Mai which has 3 toilets! For Boys, Girls and ? Wonder what it says on the third door? Can you believe there's even a beauty pageant in Thailand for transexuals called Miss Tiffany Universe, i think. One of their contestants was saying "most people can't tell because I'm very petite, but when I talk, they know" Bizarre isn't it?

Oh, really funny. At breakfast today, the waitress asked me "you wan toes bucket?" and I said "sorry?" trying to keep a straight face when I realised she was trying to ask me if I wanted to "toast my baguette" I love how they say things. So cute and I speak a fair bit of Thai so when I don't know how to say something, I just say the English words in a Thai way and I'm usually understood. Like I was asking the hotel if there was a safe in my room for my "pass-a-port" and when you wanna ask what time something closes, they'll get you right away if you said "you clowe wat time?" coz they don't really say the "s" :)


Tekkaus said...

Indeed. :) Have a great weekend Jojo!

Husen said...

Come to think of it, you are right. There are 4 ways to write the equivalent Roman letter 's' in Thai, but if written at the end of a word, it becomes a 't'. No way to put the 's' at the back.

When I think of Sukhumvit, words like dirty, traffic-jam, pollution, dodgy night life, fake guccis, expensive comes to mind. But it is one place that I love. Enjoy your stay.

Brigante said...

Husen- I agree totally with your assessment of bangkok! It is spot on ! I have been in and out of bangkok more than 50 times and it is a fun place that still fascinates me.

SJ said...

the guys look great in their outfits! =)

kenwooi said...

beautiful guys? hmmm.. the last time i saw such "guys" was when I was 8.. during that time i don't even know they are "guys".. lol.. =P

Jojo Struys said...

yup, also coz Asians have smaller bones compared to westerners so "he-she's" out here tend to look more feminine. Some of them are so authentic that it's honestly hard to tell. They can just about pass for real women.

Anonymous said...

there's no play like bangkok! and we lup the thai massad vely much :)

chris@dotagaki said...

Hey thr, 1st time commenting in ur blog. Gotta say, the guys got balls dressing up like girls lol. And they do it well too, better than many girls out thr... thats scary.

sara said...

Haha, you're so funny. I love Thailand to bits!

Kiran said...

Thanks for the Thai accent tips Jojo :D I can't wait to visit Bangkok, especially for the heavenly cheap massages. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) take a look that emo boy style on this blog:

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