Monday, August 3, 2009

If FEAR had a name...

Where there was light,

There was also darkness

hiding in the shadows

on every street corner

behind bedroom doors

tucked into the back of your mind

like Chinese whispers

some call it a conscience

a voice in your head

some see the darkness, some don’t

some don’t want to acknowledge it

it takes so many forms

but we all encounter it


is like a living breathing thing

Let’s give it a name

S n a k e

Because it can creep up on you at any given moment

It’s not something you look for but when it finds you

and sinks its fangs into you,

it could poison your mind,

trap you in its embrace

making sure you don’t break free

S n a k e

shows up when you are afraid of change

holding you back from going forward

S n a k e

Is around when a relationship is dying

But doesn’t give you the guts to end it

S n a k e

Shows up when you’ve broken up with someone

Without giving you the courage to let go

And move on

S n a k e

Makes everything seem worse than it actually is

It looks at life like a glass half empty rather than half full

S n a k e

has two faces so what you see is NOT what you get

S n a k e

Sometimes wears high heel shoes and walks right next to you

Looking like a sexy supermodel

She follows you to work, gets into your lap top,

The roll of documents your printing

She is in the corner of every elevator you’re in

Sometimes checking her perfectly manicured nails

She is striking, you are plain

She is interesting but you are so boring that you wonder

how you managed to get anyone to marry you

S n a k e

sits beside you in the passenger seat growing more bold and even more beautiful by the moment

When your front door opens, you miss the smile on your husband’s face

You were too distracted by her standing right behind him

You are annoyed with your husband for no reason

You have no proof but you don’t need any

Because you keep seeing S n a k e everywhere

Even if she’s only in your mind

Do you know what F E A R stands for?

A famous psychologist once told me

it’s “false evidence appears real”

S n a k e

grows bolder with her outrageous outfits as you fade away

Becoming a shadow of your former self

Sometimes S n a k e

Is in every school telling you why you will not make it

It’s the bully who beat you up and rubbed your face into the dirt

making sure you never fight back

Sometimes S n a k e

Is in every home, every mother and father

Pushing their kids to do better

Making them feel they’re not good enough, not smart enough

S n a k e

Is in all of us

But where there is darkness, there is also light

So open the windows

of your mind

See the possibilities

Your limitless potential

Feel positively charged

Even in your darkest hour, the sun never disappears

It‘s always there even if you don’t see it

Light is everywhere dark hangs out

Waiting for you to fix the light bulb

A simple twist is all it takes

Looking at something different

Can transform a dark room into a bright and cheery one

So what are you waiting for?

Turn on the light switch!


Tekkaus said...

FEAR has no name and FEAR surely doesn't take any shape. It could be anything for it could manipulate us. So fear not, for if you fear it will control you! :D No FEAR!

ahmad said...

i think malaysian's ghost....hahaha

Brigante said...

It is easier said than done but maybe you could give us some tips to overcome fear ?

sicKo^ said...

just turn on the light switch :p

ang said...

Hello, hope this helps.

It is possible to be fearless only if you clearly comprehend it. It is a lengthy subject and not easy to keep it short.
Our mind is the key.

What is the most commonly feared? Death! Ask yourself why? Why do you fear it? Why one wants to fear it when one knows it is certain to occur sometime in the future? Do you want to be alive forever, become an immortal, what do you want to do then?

Creepy-crawlies. Say a worm. Why? Because it is disgusting? Why?
VSS, afraid of losing your job? Why? Because one cannot find another job?
Etc, etc…..

Keep asking questions and you will find that after a series of Q & A, you may understand the underlying reason/s for your fear. I call this by way of reasoning.

Others chant or pray when fear arises, the concentration or focus during chanting or praying suppress the fear thoughts. Better still, if one were absorbed in concentration as no thoughts of fear shall arise. However the suppression is temporary by nature and if the right conditions present itself, the fear consciousness may arise again. This method can be called as concentration method or a form of concentration meditation.

There is another way. Be mindful and learn to let go of the feeling sensation! By this I do not mean being indifferent.


Jojo Struys said...

Ang, well said, goodness what a comment. It was a blog in itself, thx!

Tekkaus, that's a good way of putting it. No shape or's intangible. to overcome fear? Hard as it is, I think we have to face it head on or it won't go away. It'll keep rearing its ugly head!

do what sicko says :) lol

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

hmmm nicey! looks like u hv some time on ur hands for u to sit down n pen ur thoughts out babe!


Jre said...

Face your FEARS and Live your DREAMS.....NO FEAR ! :)

Husen said...

haha you are right. this ang guy really likes to blog in your blog. anyway well written jojo, was an entertaining piece, and of course makes sense.

Igniz said...

self-explanatory!splendid, Jojo!:)

Jojo Struys said...

hey Jessica, Don't know about that (having so much time)which is why i don't blog every single day but I do try to every few days. Having a berry helps tho. I often blog on the go :)

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