Monday, August 31, 2009

They're loving it!

Woke up today excited to be taking the dogs out. If they could read my mind, they would've heard me saying "Guys, we're going on a road trip today woo hoo and we'll be picking up your good friend Chopper on the way! You're gonna love it!!"

My pugs are his smallest friends and incredibly, they all get along. Even drink from the same bowl when they're out tog. Quite a strange foursome but they click :)

Well, I'm not sure where I got the idea that all dogs swim coz the doberman was freaked when he went into the sea and was kicking up water faster than a wheel to stay afloat. Ok, calm down Chopper...shhh, it's ok. Moment he settled down, we took him back into the sea so he'd get used to it. He got better at it, no doubt but sorry to brag (bit of owner's pride here) but my lil Pickle was like a ballerina compared to the Doberman and my other 2 pugs combined! 

Harley and Ruby came out looking like drowned rats. They were paddling vertically in a panic. It was hilarious! 

Only Pickle glided around gracefully as though she'd been swimming all her life. We tried to teach them how to swim without being in a frenzy. They were like small kids. They got scared when you took your supporting hand away.

They were running up and down the beach. You could tell they were really excited. They were fascinated by everything. 

What a great day spent with my four legged kids. The dogs are loving being out here in Port Dickson. Nothing like quality time with the fellas outdoors. They're "LIVING THE MOMENT" I'm having fun just watching them! :)


Tekkaus said... adorable. Hmm...even pugs of different breed can mingle together and we human cannot really gel well. What a shame.

The photo says it all Jojo! Very touching and candid. I wish I could have my own dog...if my family allows. LOL :D

Tekkaus said...

Happy Merdeka to you and your pugs. :)

Vera said...


Jojo Struys said...

thanks Tekkaus! Wished I filmed them trying to learn how to swim. You would've laughed your head off. It was so funny!

If you got a dog, what sort of dog? There r so many breeds. What's cute to you?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

you know, i'd never list pugs as the 'cute type' dogs, but seeing your pugs makes me wanna have one and squeeze it as hard as I can!

Brigante said...

How adorable your puggies? They looked so damn cute !

Anonymous said...

So fun la Jojo. Wish I had a dog but can't la coz I stay in a condo. Man's best companion!

Wai Meng said...

Hey Jojo, your pugs are so adorable! I can imagine how they looked when they switched to panic mode once they touched water!

Hey I own a pug too, and she's a little baby compared to your 3 angels but was just wondering how do you manage them? I'm already finding it a handful handling one, let alone three...hands down to your patience and love to them..they are so fortunate!

Jojo Struys said...

hey Amanda, I was JUST like that. Never even thought of getting a pug n I've had so many kinds of other dogs all my life but I've fallen in love with the breed. They're so quirky it's cute!!

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