Thursday, September 3, 2009

I see RED!!

When I found out I'll be interviewing on Project Alpha, I thought to myself "interesting title for a blog" but I was quite taken aback when I got to her house. I don't think I've ever seen so many red things under one roof. My goodness.....

Every picture frame on the wall was red!

Her husband (in the middle) who I found incredibly supportive of her in every way was of course in red!

I met her friends and loyal readers who always meet her dressed guessed it! RED!

Not forgetting her daughter, the sofa, the lamp shade, the table runner, the pillows and curtains

The lady herself who has a full time job, 2 kids and blogs several times a day was of course in red

I was almost surprised to find the cat grey but then again, he has a red toilet!

Just spending a day with her made me realise she's got like 3 jobs. She's a MOTHER who packs her son's lunch every day, she has a full time JOB in KLCC by day and she's a BLOGGER by night. 

She said she earns enough blogging income to afford Louis Vitton handbags and hopes to eventually just stay home and just blog. That would be convenient right? She'd be her own boss, see her kids much more and she could work at her own pace.  

This is one of redmummy's favourite hang outs near her place. It was a mamak stall but it had sofas and everything. I'm not too sure if the mamak stall was happy to be invaded by so much light tho. 

It was so glaring that everyone walking to the bathroom was squinting or shading their eyes from the big lights ;)

It was easier to hold on to redmummy's daughter so that she would stop running into frame but after a while, I think our director Michael was enjoying having her on his arm hehe

It was a full on day and there was total chaos when redmummy's son returned in the morning before going off to school. She had to yell at him to shower, pull his socks up, eat his food. We got the whole thing on camera. Real footage of a mother in action. Don't know how she does it. She said if she doesn't scream at him, nothing gets done. 

She has to threaten him with cutting off his favourite cartoons on Astro to get him to listen. It was nuts! Cameras were rolling but I became an observer in her house, just like you would be when Project Alpha sponsored by Adidas Action 3 comes out. The footage makes you feel like you're really there. I can't wait!!  Every blogger on the show is so different in every way. Really funky, diverse footage covering their different lives. Project Alpha kicks off on Sept 18th which you can catch on OR

We finished off in the park. Somehow, on top of all the things she does, she manages to go jogging in the park with her kid. Her husband said she has amazing time management! In order to get that much done in a day, you really need this skill coz she has deadlines to meet right, left and centre. Even the advertorials she writes for clients need to be posted on her blog at a specific time so "time management" becomes crucial.

"Is it easy to be a paid blogger?" She said it's a lot of hard work (I can plainly see that from her crazy schedule) and traffic is not built up overnight. It has taken her dedication and hard work to get to this point. However, she enjoys writing so it's not a chore to update her blog.

It's a hobby that has led to another source of income. A happy problem if you ask me to get paid to do what you'd be doing anyway coz you enjoy it! :)


Tekkaus said...

Looks like you managed to meet so many interesting bloggers in your programme. All red huh :) I thought you met some Liverpool player.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... my mum likes red too but not so obsessed...But she manage her red look well..i love it... and Love u jojo...

nesca said...

so much red.. everyone who comes in surely will be amazed =0. cant wait to watch the show! wonder how she screams her children :P

Brigante said...

Red is a very bold, passionate colour. It seems to say "I'm here, look at me" so you can't miss it :)

Anonymous said...

Red is power. Red is angry. Red is passion!

Jojo Struys said...

oh, believe me she does Nesca ;)

thx Munira. I prefer deep red to chilli red but I love so many colours. Depends on my mood!

Tekkaus, yup, there were even red shoes n slippers in her shoe cabinet haha

Umi Rose said...

I like all colours but being friend with Kak Red..she made me see RED in different ways...and now there's a lot of RED in my closet...and I just love it...


Precious said...

Wow ... It all centers at 'time management'. You can get so much done if you manage time efficiently.

fana said...

RedMummy..not only the red color attract the readers,but her one of a kind stories,the way she expressed herself in her blog makes me addicted to RM blog...


misz beauty said...

The apartment was so WOW!!! And ur look so beautiful dear sis..=)

Anonymous said...

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