Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My biggest turn off...

Ok, here are a list of things I love, appreciate or enjoy. I will simply call them my "turn-ons"

Walking barefoot on the beach watching the sun go down....

Hanging out with my amusing pugs on the couch...

Playing with my friend's baby because she reminds me to live in the moment

Cracking up with friends over jokes and not taking yourself so seriously

Watching awesome animals in action...

Now here comes my No. 1 turn-off. Poor personal hygiene. In particular, bad B.O. It's even worse when you're on an airplane, a crowded elevator or bus because you have NO CHOICE but to inhale the "aroma". And I know I'm not alone on this.

I have girlfriends who have been turned off guys with bad hygiene habits and guy friends who were totally put off by girls who they thought were hot until they found out they smelled bad. It's one of those awkward things people don't know how to tell someone in school or at work that they REALLY should consider using some deodorant and having a shower at least twice a day. I mean, we're living in the tropics. It's easy to sweat in Malaysia just walking from one building to the next.

One of my favourite deodorants partly due to its cool packaging but more so because it's so effective is by Adidas Action 3. I've been a user even before it entered the Malaysian market. I told my sister in Singapore "You wouldn't believe it. The main sponsor of the show I'm currently producing called Project Alpha is by Adidas Action 3! You know all those small bottles we have at home?" My sister said "for goodness sakes, please get some more of their stuff, Jo!" ;) Gee, what about congrats on filming Malaysia's first show about real life bloggers? Nope, she was already placing orders with me! *eyes rolling*

So there I was excited to be at the roadshow of Adidas Action 3 at Mid Valley because they were setting up all these challenges for the Project Alpha bloggers.

Kenny Sia and I were paired up on foosball. We made a brilliant team...

It drew quite a crowd and I remember Kenny saying "OMG, I'm sweating already" who would think foosball would be so intense? It was 5-5! So close!! but Kenny and I managed to win 6-5! :)

Beautifulnara and nicolekiss were knocked out. She was fine, just went off shopping for different deodorants

But entertainment blogger beautifulnara was doing the whole "I'm not worthy" tribute. It's not every day I have this effect on men. I loved it! haha ;)

As it turns out, Kenny Sia and I beat out all the other bloggers.

There was fourfeetnine who tried her best and almost made me miss the ball coz I was laughing so hard ;) She's not the most co ordinated of beings which seems to add to her cuteness. When I interviewed her on Project Alpha, her friend Jia Mei said she's pretty clumsy. You guys have to check out the episode where I'm trying to teach her some yoga. It was ahem...quite "interesting" shall we say? *chuckle*

Budiey and redmummy were the last pair against us

Since Kenny Sia and I were undefeated, we proceeded to get down on our knees and sing "We are The Champions" with great emotion. I know, I know, quite ridiculous but we were really happy we won this little foosball contest coz it wasnt easy! haha

I liked the backpack and so did Sixthseal. He said I had to win it first. This guy, I tell you. Always on the look out for a challenge! :)

Had a lot of fun at the Adidas Action 3 roadshow and we all went home with something so everyone was really happy :)

With an armful of every conceivable deodorant and shower gel for every occasion, we now have no excuse but to smell nice at all times :)


Brigante said...

Adidas are my fav :)

Anonymous said...

Bad BO is always a turn off ! Jane

Jojo Struys said...

yup, when you think about it, sense of smell is one of our 5 senses and we "use" it every day so it's def important...

beautifulnara said...

oh my godddd..
i look so cute begging u in the picture..
cool stuff jojo..
lurve ur post

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