Friday, September 18, 2009

Dynas, you called me.......what?

I was just watching the very first episode of Project Alpha featuring and her unusual blog name reminded me of this video I did with Dynas at her shop. I mean, what can you do? If you're short, you're short! so I know how ya feel fourfeetnine! I 'kena' as well, bloody hell! ;)


SJ said...

nah you're just nice.. not short..just cos guys are tall..

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

Tekkaus said...

Damn! Then what am I? A dwarf or a hobbit? LOL :D

Moogs said...

Good things can come in small packages hehehe! Hv a good one :-)

fourfeetnine said...

HOW ARE YOU SHORT JOJO STRUYS!!! your height is perfect okay T3T

Mimi said...

i think you look great in your height... so don't worry so much about it... - File Search Engine by Malaysian

messi said...

hi jojo how tall r u? if u r above 160cm thats above average - period.

imo, fourfeetnine wont be that cute if she is tall. :)


Dylan Phuah said...

you look fine to me :)

Kiran said...

People who are so self-involved tend to criticize and share their 2cents worth about others. You are perfectly fine, so is Audrey :)

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