Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shooting Nicolekiss...

I was caught off guard before shooting Nicolekiss on Project Alpha at Sunway Resort Hotel. I thought the crew were setting up in her room but they arrived at mine when I was still in my bathrobe! lol Then I got teased about my bantal busuk *eyes rolling* I'm convinced they were all ganging up on me coz NO ONE in that room had a "smelly pillow" or something they slept with which made me feel the odd one out but since the cat's out of the bag, u may as well know that I LOVE my precious pillow n travel everywhere with it humph!


Jessying said...

everyone deserve to have their bantal busuk, haha, in my case my baby following me to everywhere and i travel with it too..cant sleep with it

Tekkaus said...

I have my own bantal busuk too! Gimme five. Haha :D

nesca said...

the poor bantal busuk (or poor jojo) kantoi already hakhak

Vera said...

funny la your bantal busuk :)
hahaha..(anyways, i got one too!!!)
i think if you did a survey (probably an anonymous one), you'll see that many of us out there still has theirs.
and yeah, am 16 too :)

Jojo Struys said...

Jessying, as in real baby?

thx for com8ing clean tekkaus hehe!

ah, so ur sweet 16 . Hey, we hv something in commn Vera *wink* haha

thx 4 dropping by Nesca

Grace Chang said...

I have my baby pillow too. nothing to embarrassed by this tiny little softy
i cant sleep too without smelling it :)

Jessying said...

my baby = bantal busuk lor..

hahahaha ... hillarious la u .. smell2x your bantal somemore in the video.. okok i smell my baby too .. wahhaha

Jessying said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
naz said...

Is this where they sell the rambutan?

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