Friday, September 4, 2009

Are you sure it's a recession?

I was driving by SS2 PJ with my girlfriend and the new "Five Stones" condo sales gallery and show unit caught my eye. I like checking out showrooms for new ideas coz I'm so into ID. I did my own home renovations from scratch! So we decided to check it out. You wouldn't believe it!

Five Stones development by Selangor Dredging Berhad has 5 blocks but the first 3 blocks just got launched only last week! I thought we were early but we were actually TOO LATE! The tall block (about 1800 sq feet) still has some units left (not even that many) but the ones I preferred which were bigger with taller ceilings (about 2400 sq feet) were totally sold out! All in a WEEK! and they're going for about RM1 million.

Wow! But the GOOD news is, there's another 2 blocks coming up toward the end of the year (this is if my girlfriend who's been wanting to move out for the LONGEST time decides to take the leap. Do it fast! ;) This is the living room which opens out into the balcony so there was a lot of light coming into the apartment. I found out that the name Five Stones came about from the game we used to play as kids. You know the 5 bean bags you throw into the air which you have to catch in sets? I used to be really good at this game in primary school, don't play play! ;)

I was in love with this door. I had to ask if it came with the apartment. It's huge! Surprisingly, it does. The granite kitchen tops, the oven, even the fridge comes with the place so very convenient. And good quality stuff too.

The oven was from Electrolux! Makes me want to start cooking! Every time I'm in a show unit, I always say to myself "ah, I could be baking this or that" but I never find the time.

It's such a nice thing to have though. Uhmmm...I could make pizza, cakes, cookies dreamy sigh while my girlfriends drags me out of this stellar kitchen ;)

The apartment felt very airy and the living room was huge. Gave me a nice feeling of space.

Another plus point is the spacious wet kitchen in the back. I tell you it's the worst thing to be chopping vegetables without enough counter space. Cooking can be really therapeutic and a nice kitchen makes you want to spend more time there.

That feeling of space and sunlight coming in was very holistic. I like how they are gonna build a yoga/pilates studio and one their gyms will be called the "healing gym" with its own personal trainer so you won't need to go far to get into shape. Oh and you know what I saw on the plan?There were all these lamps over benches in the park and gardens round the pool (how thoughtful) so if you wanted to sit amongst the trees, at least there would be enough light for you to read your book! There's lots of greenery everywhere which is a nice thing to come home to. It would also mean cleaner fresher air...

The floors are made of oak. I feel bedrooms with wood floorings make it feel warmer and cozier than tiles.

My girlfriend said I could look a bit like Audrey Hepburn. No la! But I did this Indian music video last year and the eye make-up was quite heavy. The director said I reminded her of Catherine Zeta Jones and the crew were all nodding in agreement. Well, hope if she hears of it, she won't be offended ;)

I was just imagining what it would be like to sit with a hot drink on a high floor looking out. The balcony is a great place to think.

My girlfriend was saying she could fill the balcony up with plants and hang a wind chime. That's when I realised she was really keen! ;) We both preferred the 2400 sq foot unit which was SOLD OUT in a week. She's looking forward to the next 2 blocks which are going to all be that size.

The study room had these funky chairs. I like making my study space casual so just that dash of colour on the chairs can make a study less formal and corporate looking which would make a nice change from an office. I thought this was a neat idea hanging photos off the metal grille. Such a simple idea but space saving and decorative at the same time.

My goodness, I could wear this for a hair show and everyone would assume it's an incredible avant garde piece but it's actually just a cool show unit lamp ;)

I must say I was really quite impressed with the Five Stones show unit. In particular the bigger ones (about 2400 sq feet). The lift even opens on to your own landing. How cool is that and your neighbour would go out the other side of the lift on to their landing so you don't really share walls. Very private that way. The smaller units didn't have enough cupboard space in the master bedroom for the amount of stuff I have (but that's a girl for you) so I was pleased to see a walk in wardrobe in the bigger units. Ah, now we're talking!

This was the kitchen of the smaller unit but in both, I was amazed how it was a full on German kitchen and they're providing everything down to these amazing drawers. I was fascinated by them. They have this inbuilt system where they close by themselves. You only need to nudge them and they do the rest for you. So high tech! And hassle free for my girlfriend if she moves in. She wouldn't need to put a kitchen together coz everything is already provided. Hey, I hope she buys when the next phase is ready coz we could do yoga together in the Five Stones Healing Gym! Then jump into the pool and lepak at the club house straight after hehe. Wouldn't have to go anywhere else. After exercise, it's so nice just to chill out :)



wow... that is a nice place to call home... serenity.....

Tekkaus said...

A nice place indeed...and must be ridiculously expensive for commoners like me. :D

Dylan Phuah said...

ahh, the showrooms always makes you feel at home right? it sure loks cozy enough. ^^ However, it takes a tidy owner to keep it looking that way. ehhe!

cool blog jojo!

Adrian said...

These days the sales team would start making calls to agents and potential buyers even before the property is launched.

So when the property launches, there is already a big demand and units are sold out fast.

Brigante said...

It looks stunning. :)

Anonymous said...

it's a very nice place to stay indeed... can consider 1

Anonymous said...

You should model for a property ad. You make the place look more glam la

Jojo Struys said...

Tekkaus, Just shoot for the stars as they say, anything can happen in life so dare to think big and dream big. Why not? Plus, ur still so young what! ;) dun worry la, got time to make your millions :)

Jojo Struys said...

thanks for dropping by Dylan!
Munira, serenity is hard to come by in a city so coming home to that feeling is good for the soul
Adrian, interesting point!

Anonymous said...

Are ya sellin the place lass?

mustaffa said...

omg!!the door twice ur height.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I assent to but I about the brief should acquire more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

Charming idea

Anonymous said...

So did you bought a place there too? Having you as a resident there will sure boost up the market value too.

Anonymous said...

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