Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playing against the World Champion....what???

 You know, after I finished my business degree in Australia, I started another in      psychology and used to bring my clunky books to modelling auditions hehe. It        used  to surprise some clients. Well, the size of the books at least ;)

So what I'm trying to say is that there's this whole studious aspect of me you could label "nerd" hehe. I'm being dead serious so when Go Communications PR Agency asked if I'd like to attend the World Scrabble Championship launch n play 5 moves against the World Champion I said "no way!!! I'd absolutely LOVE to!" PLUS, the Scrabble association was gonna donate RM10k to Shambala Kidz. 

I've been involved with Shambala Kidz for about a year now and I've been teaching the kids there how to tap and basic rhythm. That's Lina, below of Shambala Kidz who wants to reach out to more kids we could be helping if only we had the funds. So a huge THANK YOU to Mattel for this donation. We will put it to good use with the kids! :) 

That's the World no 1 in Scrabble on left looking a bit afraid coz us girls were gonna kick butt! No, la, I'm kidding. Stephanie Chai was stressing about her spelling and Xandria Ooi every so often asked Ganesh "what does that mean?" Put it this way, he may not be able to tell you the meaning of the word but all these weird words existed. Ganesh KNOWS the dictionary uh huh ;)
Think about it. If there was a sport you enjoyed playing and you were out of the blue given the chance to play against the World no 1, imagine how you'd feel? 

I was really excited n a bit nervous coz I wondered if I had a chance *eyes rolling* I know, I know, bit ridiculous but what if I could beat him....?
Well, you wouldn't believe it!! I was tied with Ganesh up until the 4th round! We both had 110 points each. Can you believe it?? Then he (Ganesh, above) goes and gets 32 points on his last move and the absolute most I could get was 30 *sigh* So close yet so far! But what I didn't know is that I was sitting on a bingo. I just didn't see it (well it had to intersect an alphabet to become a bingo) but Ganesh saw it right away! 

- L O I T E R E D -

When he ahem *clearing throat* sort of pointed it out, I saw it!! It was "staring right at me. So I went from being 2 points short, to a landslide victory! 

What a gentleman, seriously. He didn't have to. And I get to say I beat the World Scrabble Champion in 5 moves! (ok, ok la with a bit of help from the man himself but let me enjoy the moment ;) hehe


naz said...

I'm pretty sure that Shambala is a dirty word.

Tekkaus said...

Shambala? Wait...let me check! Huh? I can't check it using my Oxford! Must be a new word! :p

Anyway I'm sure you are happy to duel with these World Champs right?

zool said...

what a dark picture...
Must brighten it la jojo

mello said...

Scrabble's my favorite too!! And Taboo.

Anonymous said...

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