Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm crazy busy in post production!

I can barely believe we've already shot a whopping 49 episodes of Project Alpha. It feels great to now go behind the scenes (no need to look good already, phew).

This was me stealing a moment on the super comfortable bed at Sunway Hotel before the crew invaded my room :) But just coz the filming is done, it doesn't mean we're done with it. In fact the real story telling is happening right now in post production.

I've been sitting in with the director on alternate days going through hours and hours of rushes to find the "right" 3 mins (seriously, editing is kinda like fishing. You need PATIENCE) And there's so much to choose from coz we've shot so many different aspects of every blogger's life and the beautiful part is they're all so different which makes every week on Project Alpha so different. I'd love to hear your comments on the trailer guys. It gives you a snapshot and feel of the overall show. The film crew are very experienced and have shot for channels like National Geographic, Discovery Channel Europe and the entire show was shot on HD. Soooo much work has gone into it. Check it out here...

Project Alpha has been made possible thanks to Adidas Action 3.
The first ep kicks off on
Sep 18th on and


Anonymous said...

wow, the trailer was amazing!!! cant wait to watch the very first episode ;) 4 more days to go, bravo!

nesca said...

yap yap can't wait!

zhenlong25 said...

Great trailer~
Looks pretty fun to me=)

Brigante said...

Bloggers look like movie stars....... damn cool :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the first episode. Who is the first one?

Tekkaus said...

Wow! Looks like lots of hard work is finally going to pay off. :)

Huai Bin said...

3 more days till the first episode! =D

Kiran said...

Everyone's hard work has paid off! Watched the few episodes, and can't wait for the rest! Project Alpha is awesomeness :D

Anonymous said...

oh, another nn project to create a celebrity feel amongst the kids.

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