Friday, October 16, 2009

Beyonce preview party

Just got home from a pretty good night out. I don't know why I'm so tired when I wasn't exactly dancing non-stop. To think I used to platform dance for Zouk Singapore when I was a teenager. I was so tireless, even showing up for work in comfortable sneakers coz there was no dress code (just in case you assumed I was in a cage or something...well, no!) I was more of a funky dancer rather than a sexy one. I was the tomboy with the footwork. I would do the running man, the shuffle, you name it. I could dance for hours hardly breaking a sweat. I promise myself I'm gonna get back on to the tennis court and unfold my yoga mat which is collecting cobwebs VERY SOON ;) Well, before I hit the sack, here's how tonight went (in my humble opinion). I've made a video (see above) coz I'm so tired I can barely type.

Gosh, I feel so unfit. Been too busy on Project Alpha. I'm still on it. Sometimes, we edit till dawn (this week, the featured blogger is beautifulnara. The more you watch him, you realise how naturally funny he is. I really enjoyed working on his story :) ok, nightey all zzz


CraSH said...

that's what happens with your clothes and hair when you party in asia. so glad its non-smoking here! and pickle do look confused. cute~

RunWitMe said...

Hi Jojo! Saw you at the Beyonce pre concert party red carpet yesterday night looking as sweet as ever.

Pauline Yap said...

sleep tight, jojo :)

Ninie Ahmad said...

Hi again, Jojo!

If you have time, check out my site for what you have missed last Sunday. There'll BE a next time around and yoga-ta BE there, OK?

Unroll your yoga mat and start yoga again real soon, ya? I can't wait to start having you at BE Yoga.

Have a pink and blessed October ahead!

Mel Ng said...

I show up at the club rocking kicks too! :D And yes, I hate the fact that Malaysian clubs aren't like Australian clubs where they ban smoking inside. We should adopt the rule but knowing Malaysians...

zool said...

Hi Jojo..
It's happening to go Beyonce party..
I've watch Project Alpha feature beautiful nara..
beautifulnara rocks..

Shukri said...

well, hai there jojo!!

im not beyonce fans but i love her voice..


i think ur voice is better than her..

kenwooi said...

i usually dont attend such events.. =P

anyway, you're always sleeping late.. haha..

beautifulnara said...

jojo thanks for the thumbs up. i think i can be a movie star. haha

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