Monday, October 19, 2009

Did you know?

Guys, I've been so busy in post production hence the vlogs as opposed to blogs. Takes me a shorter amount of time and it's more interactive init? I'm researching scripts for my next lot of MIX fm health/empowerment messages and I came across these basic interesting tips I wanted to share. If you've got a min, that's how long my vlog is ;)

A few of us have just recorded some breast cancer messages for NTV 7 in conjunction with Harpers Bazaar magazine. Girls, please do check yourselves. It's scary to think that one in 19 of us women here in Malaysia develop breast cancer. It only takes a few moments to conduct a self examination but it can save your life!


Mel said...

Yeahh, vlogs FTW! :D Thank you for sharing.

Family of Four said...

Wow,real great pointers to manage long hair.

Every girl with long hair need to consult you, Jojo!

Brigante said...

Simple things we didn't know, thanks Jojo

CraSH said...

good to hear that you are contributing to cancer research!! keep it up to help this world to be a better place. and keep up with the cute smile you have there. adios amigo~

naz said...

I perform free of charge exams for anyone who needs one and does not know how to perform it on themselves. You may contact me here. :D

Jojo Struys said...

yup, it's good to know for hair in general, though long hair takes more care :)

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