Thursday, October 8, 2009

Playboy fragrance is coming to town!

Have you noticed how the word "Playboy" makes a man's imagination just run wild? They start thinking about bunnies, women and fancy cars. Well guess what? That's EXACTLY what you can expect at the Playboy roadshow at Mid Valley. There's even a lamborghini you might have a chance to take pictures in with some playboy bunnies! ;)

I will be hosting this roadshow on Saturday, Oct 10th from 4pm to 6pm at Mid Valley (minus the bunny ears but I'll find something sexy in my closet, I promise hehe). 

Girls, I recommend you come in your own bunny outfit coz you could win a Prada or Burberry bag worth RM5k!

Playboy is launching 4 different kinds of fragrance. They're all pretty sexy. Take your pick...

There's Playboy Las Vegas. This is for a man who is not afraid to take a gamble. Are you a risk taker? 

Then there's Playboy Malibu for the laid back guy who can picture himself reclining on a deck chair with some gorgeous babe in a bikini right next to him (everyone can dream right? *wink*)

Then there's Playboy Miami for the real pleasure seeker...

Lastly, and very glamorously, there's Playboy Hollywood for the smooth, seductive charmer. I've picked a shot of Jessica Alba coz sooo many men round the world say she's hot!

Look even my pug Pickle is curious about these fragrances. Can't get enough of them! lol ;) For more info on the Playboy fragrance launch, just click here. If not, hope to see you on Saturday, 4 to 6pm at Mid Valley! 


Adrian said...

What about a guy who comes in a bunny outfit? Can win the Prada or Burberry bag? :P

Tekkaus said...

You know what's the best part of this post? It was when Pickle look at the fragrances. :p

nesca said...

got lambo?! i will come then!

Husen said...

Sounds intriguing enough, might just pop by to get a can of vegas (if not too crowded, a bit claustrophobic)..

Dylan Phuah said...

i will be there! :D

Pauline Yap said...

Jojo, your pug (at the last picture) is so cute! :)

wan said...

thankz coz give me a chance 2 take a fhoto wf u yesterday

zool said...

Jessica Alba is so sexy

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