Saturday, February 27, 2010

Significance of colours

I've always wondered why people say "green with envy" why this colour? When I think of green, I think of plants, not jealousy ;) 

Colours are interesting because they reflect different moods and they convey a variety of messages, some subliminal, some blatant in countless situations. Companies use certain brand colours to stand out from their competitors. 

On an F1 track where the cars are whizzing by furiously, colour plays an important role for the sponsors as well as the spectators.  The same applies on a football field...everyone's looking out for the colours of the teams they're supporting. 

Identities of countries can be spotted from the colours of their flags. 

Red is associated with danger, anger, love and passion in the West but in China it's good luck and prosperity (brides wear red) and in India it represents purity. Religions are also associated with colours. 

For instance, Islam is traditionally associated with green, Judaism with yellow but in Hinduism, many of the Gods are blue in colour. Lord Vishnu's divine powers manifested themselves through his numerous avatars in the shape of a human being, animal or human-animal combined form, possessing great, and sometimes supernatural powers. All these avatars of Vishnu appeared in the world to correct some great evil or to effect good on Earth. 


In Thailand, purple is the colour for mourning but in Western cultures it represents royalty, luxury, intuition, even magic. In the West, people wear black to funerals as a colour for mourning but in Japan, it is a colour of honour.

Black is an interesting colour fashion wise. It represents power and authority which is why so many business suits are in no-nonsense black. Even in martial arts, the black belt is the highest achievement one strives for. 

SO WHAT'S YOUR COLOUR? ANY FAVOURITES? Well, here's a list of positive and negative qualities for those of you who like to wear....

RED: impulsive, center of attention, ambitious, like to be the best you can be, passionate, expressive, irritable when you don't get your way, strong leader.

PINK: childlike in behaviour, affectionate, loving, a need to feel loved and accepted (some prisons use pink tones to neutralize disorder and violence)

BROWN: down to earth, reliable, approachable, conventional, neutral

PURPLE: intuitive, spiritual, drawn to magic and mystery, artistic, imaginative, arrogant

GRAY: practical, conservative, lonely, responsible, dependable, critical

BLUE: calming, relaxing (many baby rooms use blue for a soothing effect), sensitive, inspiration and communication, can be depressed, appreciates tranquility 

ORANGE: warm, energetic, enthusiastic, creative, restless, competitive...

GREEN: natural, environment, health, fertile, balance, healing, peaceful, jealousy, envy... 

BLACK: wealth, mystery, fear, the unknown, evil, anonymity, power, sophistication, elegance, creativity...  

YELLOW: Happy, optimistic, stimulating, lively, gets attention, can be overpowering (yellow rose for friendship)

WHITE: purity, innocence, cleanliness, simple, humble, divine, angelic, loner, spiritual...

So do you have a favourite colour? Bear in mind that you may be drawn to certain colours at certain times eg, a guilty person who feels 'dirty' about their actions may want to wear white to feel purified. A conservative person who usually wears gray or beige may feel self conscious in red because it's such a loud colour but it would be perfect for stepping out of one's comfort zones. Be aware of the clothes you pick out of your wardrobe and see if it reflects your mood!


mello said...

Pink's my favorite color! :D According to my four year-old niece, pink makes people smile.

Riena said...

My fav colour has to be Tiffany blue!
Love ur blog Jojo, esp ur puppies!

KY said...

not to mention it's really important to choose the colors of where you live, conveys and encourages different moods too. :)

Anonymous said...

Great Blog! I think colour plays a far more important role in our lives that we give it credit for. We take it for granted...... thanks for reminding us :)

Q said...

blue...i like blue...althought i hate the blues...

queen_of_bee said...

love all the rainbow colours! each represent different mood :)

zun said...

i love green! i painted my room with green colour! XD

sueann said...

Just wondering.. what is your favorite colour there? Love ur color post btw:)

監控 said...

來看看你囉~blog很棒! ........................................

Laguna Pearl Jewelry said...

Thank you for all the great posts from last year! I look forward to reading more interesting topics, maybe about pearl necklace or jewelry on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mello, I hear pink is pretty happy n it's associated with the heart chakra n love :)

Anonymous said...

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