Saturday, May 16, 2009

At the spa...

A friend of mine got me a free trial for the Body Lifting treatment at Clarins. I wasn't sure whether I should be grateful or insulted. Gee, thanks but "you think I need a bit of a lift isssit?" lol "No la just TRY it ok? I know you're not fat but it's a different kind of massage. Really relaxing" Oh? did she say "massage?" ok, ok! It didn't take much else to convince me to go for this coz I love massages :)

While I was drinking my tea, I was wondering how this girl had to audition for this job.

It reminded me of a Levis casting I went to in Singapore. Sooo embarrassing! You would THINK being a brand like Levis that it would be for jeans right? Well, no. Not this time. As it turns out, they were doing a campaign for their T shirts and they wanted the Calvin Klein underwear "look" for the actual ad so I was given a T shirt to wear for my casting.

I entered the boardroom and a few men in suits were there, 2 women and the fashion photographer. It looked very formal. I handed over my book. They flipped through my portfolio, then said "Please remove your jeans. We need to take casting shots" Of course, it made perfect sense. They couldn't possibly hire a model for the actual job with a stomach not flat enough or legs that weren't the right shape BUT I have this thing about my bu*t being photographed. I was dreadfully uncomfortable but I stepped out of my jeans as though it was the most natural thing in the world to do in a boardroom full of people ;) Hey, I must've pulled it off (posing like I wasn't bothered) coz I got the job :-)

So there I was at Clarins wondering how this girl had to do it ;) I've been to some hilarious auditions. Once, Denise Keller was just before me in the line at an audition where they were looking for the right hip and thighs for a bus ad. You don't even see the girl's face but every single model who auditioned for it had to literally bend over so that the casting agents could get the right angle of your bu*t!

I didn't get that one but I did do a fashion spread in Taiwan for GQ magazine (above) and they gave me these denim shorts with no top but my hair was that long so at least it felt like I was wearing something! For me, it's important that the shot is about fashion and art (I can get my head round that) and it must be done tastefully. I have zero interest in being a playboy bunny, know what I mean?

Back to my spa session. Well, I didn't know what to expect coz I've never had a body lifting treatment before. She started out by placing her hands on different parts of my leg. She used sometimes intense or rhythmic movements. At one point, I thought she was drawing lines or patterns on my thigh haha but she was actually checking on hydration levels.

It was like a massage, yet not totally because this lifting product (which felt like a gel) is meant to isolate the fatty tissue while boosting your lymphatic circulation. Her movements were sometimes fast, sometimes slow but there was a 'method to the madness' lol and they really do make sure this solution gets massaged in from head to foot! I started to doze off because whatever she was doing was putting me to sleep. Lovely....zzz

(this isn't me la, I was 2 busy enjoying my massage hehe but u get the picture right?)

I finished off with a facial and interestingly, Clarins don't use any machines or beauty tools at all. Everything is ala naturale. This meant no extractions either. Everything they do, they do it with their hands and their products use a lot of botanical extracts. Suited me just fine...I wasn't looking forward to the extraction bit so when she told me she won't be doing any, I happily fell asleep again. The facial massage was fantastic. The tension in my neck started to melt away. I didn't want it to end... ;)

Of course you can wear make up after a facial but it's good to give your skin a break. I wasn't filming anything that day so I enjoyed not having to bother. I felt really refreshed. It was such a nice way to start the day :-)


Igniz said...

The massaging part sounds so niiiceeee..I'm not sure if it's because of its own natural massaging or it's because of you..heheXD

They should pay you for promoting them:)

Anonymous said...

if guys have this treatment, people will say "waaah, so metrosexual ah?"
sceptical malaysians...

Hemsem Ahmike said...

wow. So nice :D

Anonymous said...

Sexy Ass ! Magoo

Kit Keat Bar said...

Hi there JoJo, saw your tv show regarding some gym workout (sorry didnt catch the name) on ntv7 just now and out of the blue i just thought i'd google some info and found your blog! hahahaha, gone through some articles and i must say, there's something unique bout your post that made me wanna finish the whole post. Ppl tend to get lazy when they saw a post with lots of words and lesser picture. I can see that you're adding in some pictures that shows something you're saying in a paragraph. keep it up! keep posting regularly! peace~

kennysia said...

Yea that Clarins ad was the single most eye-catching thing in the shopping mall.

When I grow up, I wanna be a casting agent!

Jojo Struys said...

thx 4 watching health buzz Kit Keat. Actually, we shot some of it in Korea as well. It was totally hectic. Glad I'm totally done wit the filming so can relax now :)

Jojo Struys said...

thx Hemsem! Igniz, I'd say the massage ;) Black, it's ok to be metrosexual la

Jojo Struys said...

hi Kenny...casting agent huh? Lotsa my casting agents r gay so it's all business with them lol ;)Jo2

Tekkaus said...

Sounds like pretty enjoyable! :D Sometimes I believe we can pamper ourselves and treat our poor (& tired) bodies to some SPA treatment! HA :D

Yeah! Black-->I believe it's ok to be metrosexual! Who doesn't anyway?

Anonymous said...

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Jack Smith said...

There's something unique bout your post that made me wanna finish the whole post.
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