Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When I was in boarding school *groan*

As a student, I always left everything to the last minute. I used to stay up most of the night cramming for exams. That’s fine when you’re living at home but when I was sent to a strict boarding school in Australia at 15 (I mean ultra strict), I had to adjust to their rules. Dinner was at 530pm. Study time ALONE in your room was from 6 to 9pm etc. Well, at 2am one night, I got caught for breaking the rules. All I was doing was studying late at night but lights out meant lights out at 10pm sharp *sigh* so I was put on detention and had to be Cinderella for the day vacuuming the whole boarding house.

This led to the bright idea (so I thought) of putting my jeans under the door to block out the light but my housemother caught me again! I had to think of something else. I bought a torch and was studying under the covers (as if I was on a secret mission) anticipating when she might walk in on me. Can you imagine how I felt when I left? *wink*

After 2 years of boarding school, I felt like a prisoner escapee drunk on this delicious cocktail I’d like to call “freedom”. I got my first car *yaaaay!!* and lived on campus at Curtin University in Perth for the first year of uni. I came and went as I pleased, partied if I felt like it and studied without being hassled by my boarding school Hogwarts like head mistress *thank goodness!*

If this was my first taste of adulthood, I was loving it already!! :) I worked hard and played hard trying to strike a balance between the social butterfly that I was and full-on study bug (got Asian genes what lol ;).

When I finished my business degree in Australia, I wanted to take another one. I returned to Singapore, did post-grad studies in Marketing and started off my second degree in psychology (I didn't finish it tho because I feel you should be totally dedicated and on campus for it. It's a SERIOUS amount of reading and paperwork but who knows? One day, I might return to it.

I need to say it. I know it's a cliche but the saying goes "never say never" and "knowledge is power" so we never really stop. We go on learning forever. The exams may end when you're no longer a student but the "tests" in life don't :)

Hey, since we're on the topic, why do you reckon we're here? I know it's a BIG, age old question and everyone has a different answer but I'd love to hear what you think. Let me know kay?


Igniz said...

Life is not about how happy you are. Life is about how happy others can be because of you.

Perhaps that's the reason why we're here?(Did I misunderstand the word 'here'? It's referring to the 'world', right? heehee:P)

mark said...

When I was much younger, it was all about ego, yourself - best at this, famous at that..

Then when I was in university, I realized it's not about me lah. So I thought maybe it is about others, help somebody this, help somebody that (which is actually still an ego thing to make yourself feel good like hero)..

As I understood life better, I realized we are accountable for everything we do, and we cannot escape karma - life treats you good when you think/do good, and punish you otherwise (nothing nobody can do about it)..

Then here I am, finding it tough to teach myself basic things like learning about humility, or learning about making decisions, learning about how to learn faster, learning about discipline, learning to overcome temptations, learning about myself, learning to let go, learning about God..

Jojo, so many things to learn lah... I can tell you for sure no one knows why we are here..

eric said...

lights out at 9pm?!
and here i am studying for my CFA exam at 3.30am. sigh...
back to work.

Hayley said...

luckily during my Uni time, there is no such rules like lights out at a certain time.. so we can burn the midnight oil as we like. sigh i miss those moments...

Anonymous said...

Well Hello Jojo,


Is all I want out of life is happiness..The only way i achieve that is too help those who need it.

What is your reason Jojo? You sre right everyone has there own opinion.

Anonymous said...

haha last minute work is so malaysian.. or asian? im not sure.. haha..
currently, im in my final semester! =)

Kit Keat Bar said...

Hi Jojo, to me.. i'm still searching for the true meaning of life. Everyone defines life differently... and it's a big questions. I mean, how many of us actually asks us this question...? what is your life's purpose? why r u here on this planet? For me, i think doing things that you love.. pursue your passion and living life to the fullest should be the life that i'm looking for as of now... leave a mark while u're here... leave a good one. :)

Jojo Struys said...

thanks for all the feedback guys:)

Anonymous said...

hmmm. gained some insight of boarding schools :D

why are we here? really no idea..
totally baffles me. But still, we have to live life to the fullest!

ang said...

Hi Jojo

One really has to put effort to seek the meaning of life. The 'same person' may offer different answers at various stages of his/her life. Why? We are all conditioned in one way or another by or through our up-bringing, experiences, knowledge ...... etc. If the meaning changes with time, then what? Is there an ultimate aim? Wheather one believes it or not, there is an answer.

Despite all the various answers one may get, there is only one absolute conclusion at the end of the search. You will find that the answer lies within oneself.

Typically, we are absorbed in our daily routine. Work, eat, sleep and all activities in between; and finally face death. We need to detached ourselves and see things from a different perspective.

Start to ask questions related to life. Be persistent and think about the answers received. Ask and ask again until you are satisfied.

Best regards


Fumoffu said...

Hello Jojo!

I like your 'studying spirit' or should I call it 'learning spirit'? lol! Well, I had just finished my degree and on my way to take another step - working. However, I will not give up on studying. Planning to take a professional paper while working. After that, plan to pursue Master :D MBA, maybe? lol! So far, I've only thought until here :S

AndreaC said...

I'm a Malaysian and am currently a student in Perth! First year in uni as well but too bad not in Curtin but in UWA.
Anyways, just wanted to say that your post on ur own uni experience is quite inspiring in a way. It's crunch time as my final exams are coming. Keep getting distracted. Its nice to know that its possible to party hard and get the grades as well. Wish me luck!

★ whoaamello ★ said...

I think we're here to figure out that life isn't about having everything figured out right away. It's about figuring things out as we go along and learning through our trials & errors so that ultimately, in the end, we come out on the other side enlightened and all-knowing.

But then again, maybe not. Maybe we're just here for God's entertainment. We're the equivalent of THE SIMS for him. LOL. Just kidding.

mustaffa said...

why we are here?on the grand scale to consume every resource,fight for it & try to outwit any competitor.individually our motive are to reproduce & protect our offspring.its all just chemical reaction in ur brain so we live happily ever after.the end.barf

Anonymous said...

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