Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is someone in da house?

You know how people say dogs and cats can "see" things? Years ago, I had a really strange experience in Singapore with my dog, Jack.

One day, for no reason, he could run INTO the kitchen with no issues but he could not GET OUT of the kitchen. It was illogical. There was NO door. It was just a corridor with a half step (no more than an inch tall) but Jack couldn't pass the line that separated the kitchen from the living room. He kept barking whenever he was trapped in there with his eyes looking upwards at a specific spot but he was barking at thin air. What freaked me out was his eye line. He was looking up at something and he paced left and right ducking his head past the step, then looking up to bark at whatever "it" was standing in his way from getting out of the kitchen. I had to physically carry him out each time but this was never the case when I moved in. Out of the blue one day, this happened.

I even put his food bowl down in front of the kitchen area coz I couldn't believe this weird behavior. Jack always eats right over his food but when I placed his food bowl near the half step, he couldn't eat in that location. He walked over to get a pellet and ate AWAY from that area. And he ate this way pellet by pellet at a painfully slow pace. But when I moved the bowl AWAY from where "IT" was standing (look I don't know what IT was but there was something obviously there), he just ate normally with his head in the bowl.

I didn't know what to do. I asked people who lived in the building if they experienced anything unusual and to my surprise, a few stories popped up. For starters, there were CCTV cameras in the lifts and a woman saw 2 children in there. The doors closed and when they opened again, the kids weren't there! She asked the guards to check the tape but there was no one in the lift, even on the playback.

(courtesy of kiss kiss bang bang: flickr)

OkaaaaY. I was freaked. I was thinking to myself "why don't I just wait for the lease to expire and get the hell outta this place??" Yikes. But I needed to do something about the current situation.

A friend of mine recommended a feng shui man/medium who seemed to know the layout of my place even though he'd never been there, don't ask me how. He said I had an "altar like" object in my apartment that had brought this spirit into my house. Huh? I couldn't think of anything that fit this description. I asked him if the spirit was 2 kids? He shook his head, no. It was a man he said. "Oh that's just grrrreat! So there are 'kids' in my elevator and a 'man' standing in the doorway of my kitchen preventing my dog from getting out of it.

Could this whole building be like what? A Starbucks for ghosts?" The no nonsense feng shui man/medium gave me holy water from the Buddhist temple and said to sprinkle it everywhere, especially the bedroom which had a lot of shoes in it (how did he know that? There was an empty bedroom in the house and it only had shoes and a couple of boxes in it)

He said to tie a red string around the "altar like" object when I find it (how's a bunch of thread supposed to contain a spirit anyway? But I was too scared to ask anymore questions) I nodded and thanked him for his time. The last thing he said to me was "if the red string doesn't work, throw the entire object out. Get rid of it"

I went home and started looking at every tea light, object or ornament I had. Ah ha. Found it on a ledge. This MUST be it! My girlfriend Sharifah bought me a gold plated Borobudur temple which looked like 3 pyramids and many many steps as a souvenir from her holiday in Indonesia.

I tied a red string round all 3 pyramids, sprinkled holy water everywhere and gave it a few days. I put Jack in the kitchen (since he was the ghost detector) and the same thing happened. He was stuck in the kitchen unable to make it past the half step. Oh dear. He started barking at IT again blocking his way out of the kitchen.

There was no choice. I had to throw the temple souvenir out. I gave it a week keeping my fingers crossed.

Ok, here goes. I put Jack back into the kitchen and he ran right out, past that invisible line he previously couldn't pass like it NEVER happened. He was able to run in and out of the kitchen just like old times. Phew, I was so relieved! But I still moved out when the lease expired! ;)


Anonymous said...

Huhu...dats a creepy story jojo...

Anonymous said...

my dogs can also see ''things''.Their eye balls moves from side to side even though I ''can't'' see anything ...


Jojo Struys said...

It is a true story :)

*heartbeat rising * *wink*


ang said...

We should not have this belief that there are only visible beings. I believe there are other beings where our sense bases - our knowing mind, eyes, ears, nose and skin - can perceive these beings. We must not take for granted that what we cannot understand, see, hear, smell, touch do not exist.
Dogs or certain other animals have what what can be called as 'extra sensory perception,' simply it means that their sense bases have a larger range than a typical human can see, hear and smell.

There could be many reasons for such an experience and I do not profess to know cause. One of the many possibilities is, this being is attached to that souvenier somehow. You removed the souvenier and the being 'left.'

Just like humans, other beings either visible or invisible have different inclination, benevolence, neutral or harmful. Irrespective of their nature, one should project kindness to such beings. Like for example, "May you be well and happy." Keep repeating it. It is like a goodwill gesture. Easier said than done!

Best regards

Anonymous said...

you're right Ang. animals r very sensitive. My cat sees stuff too. she curls her back and all her hair stands up! Mei Li

Jojo Struys said...

thx for your detailed comment Ang. you made some excellent points!

jeremy said...

thats a good story!

you should make it into a screenplay and act in it.

i hope you will consider jorge (my schauzer) as your faithful sidekick.


Anonymous said...

I agree with jeremy. I can already see this as a short film :)
With a great music track, it will leave you shaking in your boots ....haha


eric the casper said...

perhaps "the man" lingers around your kitchen cause the food u cooked smells really good... i know i would ;)

Brigante said...

Cool story. I actually have had various experiences with the other world but have never quite seen one myself. The only thing I can say is that I have felt the 'presence' and the feeling you get is an immediate 'density' on your skin where the hair stands up.
So keep the stories coming. It would be cool if there were any more ghost stories from your readers :)


Tsu Lin + + said...


Oh dear! SO CREEPY! My heart was racing in anticipation at your story!! Thank God you identified it and had it removed.

Mike Yip said...

congrates. Dogs do see things we don't see. It's good that the problem's solved.

Victoria said...

Animals do tend to see things that human eyes cant and IT IS CREEPY!Fuu~ glad that all of it are history now! ^^

Jojo Struys said...

two of my current dogs sees stuff but it is not as scary as the other story:) *wink* Thanks for all the comments guys :) Really happy to see everybody in the comment segment :)


Tekkaus said...

OMG! That is scary! =(

Yatz said...

wtf that's crazy shit i wonder whether my building has IT somewhere at the porch..hmmm

Ms Lime said...

First time at your blog. Didn't know you blogged. =)

It must have been freaky though. Sometimes, it keeps me thinking twice about buying souvenirs.

Anyway, your pooch must have been traumatised as well. Poor Jack.

And what's with naming our pooches Jack? My dog was Jack too. A friend's dog was Jack. Haha...

Toodles and take care.

Fong Ling said...

You know I read this at 1am one of the week nites last week, I was so spooked that I had to sleep with the bedside lamp on for two nites! :-P Talk about being chicken sh*t! LOL!


zewt said...

my Mom used to say that if u wipe some dog tears to your eyes, you will don their "power"... i am sure we all don't want that, do we?

Manja said...

Your story made my hair stand!! Yikes. Jack sounds like a very perceptive dog. Mind you, dogs are perceptive and sensitive to the "other" world and regardless of how they "tap" into that energy - we need to pay attention.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Droping by from Nuffnang featured June blogger :)
Were u the one at Capsquare for Earth Hour last time??

I wish I can see supernatural stuff but only the good stuff ;p

adam k. said...

oh wow our pug used to do that.

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