Monday, December 7, 2009

How fast can you say this tongue twister?

Tongue twisters remind me of my childhood. It's the simplest of memories and the silliest of things we would do that could make kids crack up over nothing. Almost any game, no matter how simple had the ability to be fun :) I used to remember crawling under tables in a classroom, playing police and thieves in the neighbourhood and games we just kinda made up on the spot. 

Years later, I realise that anything that makes you laugh or puts a smile on your face is worth doing at any age (just think of how many adults play computer games, read children's books like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or watch movies adapted from comic books like Batman, Spiderman etc and still love going to Disneyland). 
Well, I couldn't do the tongue twister in this video. I was laughing too much and it was in Malay. My editing friend sounded like a machine gun! haha. Please give it a shot, excuse the pun ;)


nettoboy said...

haha..Jojo..ur mouth kind like not moving AT ALL when u mention that tongue twister at fastest speed..

Joshu@law said...

haha...a nice way to exercise our tongue...but it's way tooo fast for me to do that! lol~

Dylan Phuah said...

wowzers! at first i thought you were struggling at the 'bitter butter' tougue twister; lil did i know at the end...WOW! :D

Brigante said...

Naz-You are free to comment what you need to say but why don't you keep it for your girlfriend?
This is not a porn site and it has no relevance. An alternative activity you could do instead of leaving juvenile comments is to maybe channel your energy into your studies or something more productive ?

naz said...


You are wrong that I am free to comment because I am not free to comment as I am being censored by the blog owner who does not promote freedom of speech.

Now, whether or not I would like to ask the same to other girls is my freedom of choice which you have no say over.

As to whether sexual activities are relevant to this site or not; you are again wrong because even doctors will tell you any activity that burns calories is good to promote weight loss and this is exactly what this topic is about in essence because the author mentioned tongue twisters as a good way to promote caloric expenditure.

So, if you think about it, my comments were merely presenting an alternative method to that and is very much relevant whether your close minded self agrees or not.

Jojo Struys said...

yup it's good fun. Here are the words in case you couldnt catch it

"Betty bought some butter but the butter was bitter so Betty bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better!" hehe :)

nadia zakariah said...

haha..nice!!..oh and i found the extended version of it i goes round and round..until ur brain got twisted as

Betty Botter bought some butter, but the butter Betty Botter bought was bitter.
So Betty Botter bought some better butter to make the bitter butter Betty Botter bought better.
But instead of the better butter Betty Botter bought making the bitter butter Betty Botter bought better, the bitter butter Betty Botter bought made the better butter Betty Botter bought bitter!

Husen said...

that was really fast, and surprisingly clear, caught every word. but the 'kiki kaka kuku' twister, totally lost it..
on redfm just last week or two.. jd/dilly mentioned about some scientific breakthrough in monkey languages and dilly actually taught us some.. can't really tell the difference with the kuku twister :)

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